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Dec/21/2020 wrap-up: \\ borders demarcation per 2010 Armenian law \\ Pashinyan visits Syunik: supporters & opponents \\ Russians will guard border road \\ weekend memorial events \\ more POWs return \\ search operations continue \\ electricity prices \\ Russian peacekeepers \\ housing & aid \\ sport

Your 15-minute Weekend & Monday report in 3688 words.

Saturday: three days of mourning

From Saturday to Monday, the country pays tribute to those who died in the war. Pashinyan and other officials participated in the memorial march to Yerablur Pantheon. Some opposition outlets had earlier claimed that Pashinyan would skip the march and use his father's death as an "excuse".
During the march, a group of anti-Pashinyan activists blocked the crowd from moving forward. The police were involved to clear the way. The PM spoke with families of fallen soldiers and laid flowers.
Education Ministry, Labor Ministry, and Cadastre Committee rebutted opposition media rumors about someone allegedly calling state workers and forcing them to participate in the Yerrablur memorial. Government bodies called the "fake news" an "attempt to create an atmosphere of division in the public."
The opposition, led by the former regime, held its own rally from the Freedom Square. They marched to St. Gregory Illuminator church. BHK chief Tsarukyan was also present. The theme remains the same: Nikol must go, Vazgen Manukyan must become the new PM.
Yerablur photos:
Crowd size from above: , , , , , ,

Sunday memorial events

President Sarkissian visited Yerablur on Sunday. "These are difficult days. I hope that with the end of 2020 we will close the tragic page and we will be able to stand up and open a new page. The only thing we will remember from 2020 is the sacred memory of the people who gave their lives to defend the Homeland. All misfortunes should be lessons, not painful memories. We have to start our life again. I look forward to the end of this year".
PM and family paid tributes to fallen soldiers in Tavush province.
LHK and church leadership visited Yerablur Pantheon. , , ,

parts from Pashinyan speech: past & present, investigation, border demarcation

We will need a comprehensive evaluation of how and why things developed and ended that way. We must face the reality and admit that we have made mistakes for many years, the mistakes we have made have been systemic, conceptual, substantive. This cannot be a result of one person or events in just a few years.
Did I understand all this while taking office as Prime Minister? Of course. Was I trying to change the situation? Of course. I am now more convinced than ever that there was simply no time to stop the spinning wheel of history.
The borders in the Syunik sector are being adjusted, or rather, the Armenian Armed Forces are being stationed on the internationally recognized borders of Armenia (there were no soldiers here before because Syunik was not bordering Azerbaijan before the war). This process changes certain setups we're familiar with, introduces inconveniences, complications, and emotions. In reality, this is being done to ensure and strengthen the safety of Syunik.
How? In areas outside of the Republic of Armenia, there was a high risk of military actions, which could carry on to Syunik with all their consequences. By doing the border demarcation of our internationally-recognized lands, we are introducing security assurances. Additionally, Russian border guards are already stationed in some parts of Syunik, which creates a whole new situation.
The demarcation can complicate travel on some roads, but these are issues that can be resolved by having an AM-AZ-RU document (specifically about road safety).
Not one millimeter of Syunik or Republic of Armenia land has been conceded. Any claim to the contrary is simply false.
The people, only the people, should decide the fate of the government and not the elite circles. My November 18th Roadmap will address post-war issues and establish internal stability.
"Let's build Armenia anew." I chose this slogan before the war to guide Armenia's transformation strategy. And this formula is useful for our future as well. We have to perceive the world in a new way, we have to look at what we have to do in a new way, we have to re-evaluate our capabilities in a new way, first of all in education, science, technological development, we have to build our dream anew, and we have to dream anew.
Glory to our fallen heroes, glory to our living heroes, and glory to those who will still be heroes on the way to realizing the dreams of our people.

borders: fake news, rumors, and rebuttals

Artsakh president office: the media rumors about giving Karmir Shuka (south) to Azerbaijan is fake news. Moreover, we plan to build new housing there soon.
MoD denied media rumors that two Tavush villages are being handed over to Azerbaijan and that the soldiers were told to leave. "Refrain from spreading unverified fake news," said MoD. Tavush governor called the reports "irresponsible and dangerous". ,
Sosu Purak is a park in Syunik province, bordering Azerbaijan. The Nature Ministry rebutted the media rumors about half of the park going under Azeri control. *"Sosu Purak, which is managed by Zangezur POAK, has 64.1 hectares of lands, which are located within the Republic of Armenia."

border demarcation continues in Syunik / Pashinyan visits the border settlements

NSS says: border adjustments are being made in Goris-Kapan road sections under the mediation of Russia. (read Friday report for details). The process will finish in a few days. It'll nesure safe passage for cars.
Syunik governor Melikset: don't exit the Armenian border to collect or chop wood. Keep your animal herds within Armenia. The border roads will have info-plates with numbers that you can dial if you have questions.
Pashinyan before visiting Syunik:
I am saddened to learn that my visit to Syunik has ignited certain passions. I hope you will be convinced that my decision to visit Syunik is not intended to inflame everyone. I made the decision to convey my respect and appreciation for the people of Syunik. The second most important reason is to answer your questions, to give the necessary explanations. Not a single millimeter of land has been ceded from Syunik Province of RA and I hope we'll be able to talk about this.
A group of protesters, lead by the city's deputy-mayors, closed the Goris road so Pashinyan couldn't enter the city. The police were involved, there was a scuffle.
Goris mayor ex-HHK Arush Arushanyan was taken to the police station earlier that day and charged with attempting to organize an unauthorized event/protest (Code 34-2251) to prevent the PM from entering the city. HHK and BHK officials gathered outside of the police station to show him support.
2010 border demarcation law, the "GPS" myth
Pashinyan met the crowd in Sisian. One of the opposition's complaints has been "GPS is inaccurate and cannot be used for demarcation", to which, Pashinyan answered, "[the demarcation] is done multiple times, with different methods. There is no issue in this regard."
Pashinyan: There is a lot of talk about *"giving away" Syunik". In fact, it is quite the opposite. When we deploy our border troops in accordance with the Armenian border, our level of security increases because that border also becomes the border of the security system of which we are a member.
The demarcation is carried out following the law adopted in 2010. The issue is that the current borders, the description of the administrative borders of our communities, were clarified by the law on the "administrative-territorial division of the Republic of Armenia", adopted in 2010.
In that law, for example, villages Khndzoresk and Tegh were drawn to include borders with Azerbaijan. The government in 2010 had accepted that demarcation; now we're facing problems here. And today, some of the people, who ask why and how the borders are being demarcated this way, are the same officials who were public officials in 2010, who adopted this law.If what we're doing today is "treason", then what happened in 2010 is even more of a "treason".
"why didn't CSTO get involved during war?"
Pashinyan: why didn't CSTO act during the war? For the same reason: our 2010 law states that this is what our official Republic of Armenia border is and that anything beyond Tegh village is Azerbaijan. CSTO, naturally, couldn't act beyond our official borders. We have received assurances that in the event of action within our borders, the bloc will act.
army & people
Resident: our army did not lose the war.
Pashinyan: Our army and the people are heroes, there can be no two opinions about it. That doesn't mean there weren't issues, or some soldiers and generals didn't complete their tasks. We must build our self-confidence and optimism one by one, we must rebuild Armenia and Artsakh.
meeting in Sisian
Pashinyan visited Sisian city Pantheon. He then met a crowd in the main square and thanked them for "for such an understanding, for such an acceptance". During a speech in Sisian, Pashinyan said he will avoid confrontation with those who closed the road to Goris city. He said there were families and supporters who wanted to meet in Goris, and that one of the reasons the road was closed to possibly prevent that from happening.
Father of a fallen soldier: Pashinyan still has 8 months to go. He must and will answer all the questions. Tomorrow, ARF Ishkhan Saghatelyan and those guys [ex-regime] must also answer. Tomorrow they [ex-regime] will say "go ask Nikol if you have questions". So Nikol should do his part and answer the questions, so others can answer theirs.
Pashinyan: please try not to politicize today [about giving ARF Ishkhan's name].
Father of a fallen soldier: we must give their names. The same names and their parties are gathered in the public square today. Today you [Nikol] must enter Sisian and elsewhere with your head held high and without bodyguards. Let's get rid of pain and sorrow then we will know what to do next.
various concerns
Residents spoke about various border and social issues.
Pashinyan: I came to look at Syunik residents in the eye. I know that I'm guilty in many ways. Our citizens deserve more. Unfortunately, not a single government, including ours, has been able to deliver what our citizens deserve. I apologize on behalf of all governments.
priest vs Pashinyan
While in Syunik, Pashinyan entered a church and lit a candle in memory of the fallen. Upon exiting, he came across priest Pargev Zeynalyan. Pashinyan raised his hand to greet but the priest let it hang in the air. Pashinyan left.
A church representative said the priest had the right to express his political beliefs.
That didn't prevent the crowd, angry at the priest's conduct, to march to the church and block its entrance. They wanted to kick the priest out. The police told the crowd not to enter. The priest refused to meet the protesters. The protesters left and promised, "not to allow the politicized priest to enter that church again".
The priest denied subsequent false rumors about police allegedly raiding his house over the incident. (of course, gotta throw a couple of fake news here and there for "political persecutions" illusion)
Pashinyan was supposed to travel from Sisian to Goris, but the road was closed, as mentioned earlier. He decided not to confront the group and returned to Yerevan. "Now I am convinced that the road was closed so that it does not become obvious that the atmosphere in Goris, Kapan, Kajaran, Meghri was the same as in Sisian *[generally welcoming]. We will not resort to force, especially on the day of mourning. We are returning to Yerevan. I owe one visit to Goris, Kapan, Kajaran, and Meghri. Peace to our martyrs."* , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

border demarcation: Shurnukh border village suburbs

Mayor of border village Shurnukh, Syunik: The 12 houses in the lower suburbs, which according to rumors were supposed to go under Azeri control, will stay under Armenian control, according to the latest updated information. The army and Russians came and began working on border installation beyond the village area. I'm not entirely sure this is the final status, it could change, so stay tuned.
There will be a demarcation process but I don't know when. Our local volunteers guard the borders. Women and children were evacuated from the area for now, just in case.

re: Russians will guard parts of 21km Syunik road

MoD says: some of the 21km Goris-Kapan road goes through disputed areas. We have an agreement for Russian border guards to monitor Goris-Kapan and Goris-Davit Bek sections to ensure safe passage. Armenian and Azeri troops will be stationed on opposite sides of the road. More info in the coming days. (if you look at the map, the road is the exact border)

press unions condemn attacks on media outlets / free press

First incident. Former regime's activists attempted to prevent Pashinyan and tens of thousands of participants from marching to Yerablur Pantheon on weekend. During the incident, they identified a journalist from "Azatutyun" (pro-western) and began assaulting him. (Azatutyun office was also raided by supporters of former regime on November 10th).
Second incident. 5TV is owned by Kocharyan's friend. It has a record of manipulating interviews and information in general (e.g. the March 1st documentary). Some people don't like them for this reason. 5TV reporter was cussed by Pashinyan supporters, while QP MP Andranik Kocharyan refused to take questions from him.
Third incident. Opposition activists cussed Azatutyun reporters and tried to prevent them from doing the work.

PRESS casualties during the war

HR Ombusmn: Five foreign and two Armenian reporters received severe injuries during the war. One reporter was killed. They were targeted by Azerbaijan intentionally. They were wearing PRESS uniforms, which are visibly different from army uniforms. Azerbaijan prevented reporters from working in front lines and launched a felony investigation against some international reporters (Semyon Pegov) for visiting Artsakh.

POWs & search operation

62 Armenian soldiers remain encircled/captured near the Khtsaberd village after the previous weekend skirmishes in the narrow strip of land held by Armenia west of the Shushi-Hadrut corridor. "They are alive and well."
Azerbaijan has acknowledged their presence. Work is being done with Russian peacekeepers to repatriate them. 70 others had returned a few days ago. One volunteer guard said it began after over a thousand Azeri troops moved forward and told them to leave a position; some did while others didn't. This area did not have Russian peacekeepers until the incident. , ,
Six POW soldiers returned home on Sunday. They were captured during the war. President Arayik thanked Putin for mediating the transfer.
Two more POWs returned on Monday.
Since the ceasefire, 1039 bodies of soldiers have been recovered from battlefields. The searches continue in the Shushi region, Martuni, Hadrut, Fizuli. 22 found today. ,

medals awarded

Four Emergency Ministry employes received medals posthumously.

felony investigations post-war / SIS launches an investigation to examine:

1) Reports of officers disobeying commands during the war, and desertion. 882 cases are being examined. Dozens have been charged.
2) Several civilian and military individuals intentionally spread alarming information to create panic among soldiers in the front lines (Vitalik's friend's incident, possibly), and claimed that the war was already decided, it was a conspiracy, and that it was pointless to fight. There are multiple felony cases regarding this. Investigation continues.
3) A felony case is launched against an officer who refused to do his duties in the southern part of Artsakh. (if this is General Movses Hakobyan, expect him to cry "political persecution" because he was the first one to give a press conference to create a narrative, a-la Dodi Gago).
4) Investigations over claims made by General Movses Hakobyan on November 19th. We're investigating a group of high-ranking officials for possibly violating protocols set by the Defense Ministry, which lead to reduced performance, which impacted the outcome of the war.
We are also examining the reports, submitted by various political parties, to investigate the $5 billion offer that was made to Pashinyan by Aliyev (the offer Aliyev made to Serj and Pashinyan to give away 7 regions without a fight).
5) A felony investigation was launched [to investigate Pashinyan] after [former regime figure] Garnik Isagulyan claimed that Pashinyan took a $48 million bribe from Turkey and that his NSS chief Qyaramyan gave away 1400 passports to Azerbaijan, and helped Azeris to invade Hadrut. Isaghulyan was invited to SIS to provide evidence; he refused. The examination found no proof of these claims. A felony case was launched against Isagulyan himself for making false reports.
6) There were multiple reports in mid-November that Shushi was "sold" and an order was given for soldiers to deliberately retreat so Azeris could take it. This was investigated by SIS and NSS, courts were involved, reports from various media outlets are being investigated, including Arayik's leaked phone call and General Samvel Babayan's "post-mortem" interview.
Additionally, there is an investigation of the embezzlement of property belonging to the army.
Besides investigating these claims, we will also investigate their impact on the final outcome of the war.

lawsuits / Pashinyan's son / army officer / Dmbo Gago

Volunteer soldier Mikael Mikaelyan is suing pro-Kocharyan blog "Politik" over an alleged defamation.
The soldier says: Earlier I wrote that on October 1st I was yelling at deserting soldiers not to leave positions near Jabrayil. Then a similar story in Kubatlu; I wrote that I witnessed how Pashinyan's son Ashot was yelling at deserting soldiers; he was asking them to stay and help.
My post received a lot of attention. It's clear that these two were separate incidents on separate dates, right? They [former regime] began calling me a liar because I could not have seen Pashinyan's son on October 1st because he was sent to the front lines on the 5th. They wrote an article "Yet another chatlakh who says everyone routed except Ashotik".
Deputy Army General Chief of Staff Tiran Khachatryan is suing BHK MP Naira Zohrabyabn over an alleged defamation.
BHK chief Gago's casino "Onira Club" (Shangri La) was in legal trouble over alleged financial crimes. It also lost the license on July 9th over not paying the necessary fees. The casino is now suing the Finance Ministry to have its license back.

the cost of Minimum Consumer Basket in Artsakh

... was AMD 58,801 as of December, or +0.4% YoY. The Food Basket costs AMD 33,221.

Russian peacekeepers & medics

306 refugees returned to Artsakh on Sunday. 1.6km of roads were cleared of explosives, and 1 house was renovated. The peacekeepers have so far renovated 23 houses and rebuilt 8km of electric lines in Martakert. 35 patients were given medical care in Chartar settlement.

Russian sappers

Russia's Emergency Ministry presented a new de-mining vehicle that's being used in Artsakh's east. Robots play a big role in these operations; they reduce casualties.

Turkish sappers

Turkey will send 64 sappers to join the existing 135 experts to help Azeris clear the Azeri-controlled areas.

Russian aid

Seven more trucks with humanitarian aid arrived in Artsakh from Russia.

housing for Russian peacekeepers

Modular housing blocs were built for 250 Russian envoy members in Stepanakert. It has apartments, a gym, a medical office, and other accommodations.

interview with Artsakh residents

Spanish city of Santa Pau

... has officially recognized the independence of the Republic of Artsakh. The resolution condemns the Azeri aggression, Turkey's active involvement.

Germany wants to purchase drone missiles

... after analyzing their use in the Artsakh war. Israeli-made Heron TP will be purchased in the coming months.
digit 3: exists
Germany: mhmmm 🤔

COVID stats

+2563 tested. +652 infected. +14 deaths. +604 healed. 18011 active.
In Artsakh, 2585 tests have been done since October 1st. 1130 were positive. 70 daily tests nowadays. 232 people have been treated in hospitals; 129 have been discharged. 30 deaths.

electricity prices

The Public Utility Commission decided to keep the electricity prices the same for low-income families, and 90% of those who consume less than 400 kW/h. The large-scale consumers will see AMD 3 increase. The rate will go into effect in February. (the nuclear plant will be closed for much of the year for the final big renovation; there were talks that it could impact prices)

infrastructure repairs

7km of roads and water drainage were repaired and installed in Horbategh, Vayots Dzor. It's a tourist area. Locals hope the renovations will improve their economic status. Smbataberd, Tsaghatsqar complex, and St. Hreshtakapetats are located nearby.

sports news

Armenia's Sambo team has won 5 medals (2S, 3B) in the world cup.
Arthur Davtyan won 4 gold and 2 bronze medals in the Voronin Cup athletics competition. One was won by Armen Petrosyan. ,
Henrikh Mkhitaryan gave a goal-pass in the third minute. That didn't stop his team Roma from losing to Atlanta 4:1. / housing for Artsakh civizens

All Armenia Fund met Artsakh govt to discuss housing for refugees and the homeless. They plan 9 new buildings with 236 in Askeran, 132 in Martuni, while the assessment for capital Stepanakert and elsewhere continues. Contracts were signed with construction firms. Artsakh govt thanked Himnadram for continuous help.

humanitarian aid

Aurora humanitarian foundation has doubled its aid to Artsakh to $400,000. It'll be spent on 46 projects, including on HALO de-mining efforts. Aurora invited charity organizations to visit Artsakh.
The Red Cross has provided construction materials to renovate 500 houses in Artsakh.
My Step foundation has donated $13,500 in household appliances to Artsakh families.

you can donate to Artsakh & Armenia (soldiers' medical help) (for Artsakh & Armenia) (U.S. tax-deductible)

archive of older posts

Armeniapedia's archive of my daily news threads:


All the accused are considered innocent unless proven guilty in the court of law, even if they "sound" guilty.
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Fedsmoker's final Christmas message

Wish I had found this before Xmas but it's still worth reading. What a strange wonderful man he was. Fedsmokers never die.
"WILLCOX AZ. I THANK YOU. ! merry Christmas, I find myself heading towards home, but I will not make it. half way home, I realize my home is gone, my mothers dead, I been on the road so long, I have no family left. my family is the road and those meet along the way, there is no longer a home, I am the most blessed man in the world, it is Christmas all day, every day no matter where I go, my family is all here, they are every place I go. my real family is gone, those I loved most, I still can't believe it, I try not to think about it, I have a new family now, it's you and all, this is why I cruise these roads of America, when you find yourself in trouble it is then I that step in, at tat casino, a native sec guard found himself under his land cruiser, he was trapped under the thing, he was showing off for I. on two wheels cruising around a corner, he flipped the cruiser and was trapped from a block away, I seen no man surface, I told my friend to watch my gear, I believe he is trapped, I fired the car and went to he, his leg was tapped, he did wear a badge, I grabbed the cruiser and stood it back on all four wheels. it was then I became his family, his helper.....god is with us all, we don't decide who we help, it's god that tells us when it's time....make no mistake, were all family, the devil tries to trick us all, willcox az, your city is in a class all by itself, the valley where jesus lives I clearly see. not from just this ladies love here for jesus. no, I seen it from everyone of you. god bless you folk's. lord fedsmoker…. a great black trucker asked I lord fedsmoker why I do what I do.? I told he I have the best boss in the world, he asked how do I get money.? I told he the facts, god sends his angels my way, they just pop up, just as this angel here just did, GOD IS GOOD. GOD IS GREAT, one day we all take our turn being judged, the angels judge I for now, lord bless they, for they are many. amen. lord fedsmoker"
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2020 r/baseball Power Rankings -- Week 4: Top 10 Has New NL West Members, Flying Fish Soar, Blue Jays Plummet, Houston We Have a Problem but Phoenix and DC, Too

Hey Sportsfans — it's time for Week 4 of baseball's 2020 Power Rankings — Four weeks into the season and we've learned a lot: some teams win, some teams lose, and some don't play baseball at all. We solider on, trying to make sense of a season best described as 'baseball as viewed by a drunk Jake Peavy through a broken kaleidoscope'.
You may notice the Cardinals are being treated differently this week.
There was one tie this week between the #22 and #23 teams -- our 2nd tiebreaker, run differential, was used to break. Difference of just two runs!
Every voter has their own style / system and the only voting instructions are these:
"To an extent determined individually, you must take into account how strong a team is right now and likely to be going forward. You must, to some degree, give weight to the events and games of the previous week."
The auxiliary post with added data / fun can be seen here.
TRANSPARENCY: this link will show you who voted each team where and has added neat statistics!
If something is a little messed up, feel free to pester me let me know.
Total Votes: 29 of 30. So close.
# Team Δ Comment Record
1 Dodgers +1 Ohhhhh Mooookieeee, when you caaame and you gaaave without taaakinnnng, and I need ya today ohhhh Mookie. I am in love. Hell, even AJ Pollock did the impossible, and won me over despite his 0 for everything playoffs last year. Now if only Cody could find himself... Here's the scary part: The Dodgers are rolling and they are nowhere near playing at their ceiling. If you can't beat this team while its firing on half its cylinders, how the hell do you beat them when they're firing on all of them? 11-5
2 Yankees -1 Bit of a rough week for the Yankees, but the bats are still alive and well against pitchers I've never heard of. Everyone knows Judge leads the league in HR, but did you know DJ leads the league in Singles? Great to see him having a bit of a repeat from last season's performance. Additionally, Britton and Green have been fantastic out of the pen, and Chapman is going to be back at some point. 10-6
3 Athletics +4 Mon. had a ten run W vs. the M's. Next was TEX- Piscotty hit the 2nd walk-off GS of our year then we finished a quick sweep. The HOU series opener was cursed- we had 15 LOBs, left a runner on 3rd with 0/1 outs 3 seperate times, but down to our last strike A. Allen hit a single and M. Semien sealed the game. Montas/Luzardo/Bassit were dynamic and our pen is the league's best. Our lineup might lead MLB in Ks, but we're second in BBs. Just before sweeping the cheats R. Laureano, worth 1 bWAR, got his 2nd HBP of the day. We lead the league in those. After jawing at the RP, he arrived at 1st base. Their batting coach, a human dirtbag, taunted our mvp into a brawl even if it was he worked for a club shamed by scandals and a HS JV quality bullpen. 12-4
4 Braves 0 Roller-coaster week for the Braves. We lost our ace for the season. We got Markakis back and Will Smith made his debut. Acuña quadrupled his homer total in one day and Freeman continues to hit. Still looking good for us, but we definitely need to make a move. Our bullpen is incredible, but this meme made by u/riseupidemic sums it up: Our bullpen is doing big things, but... 11-6
5 Twins -2 We capped off a six game winning streak with a 4 game losing streak. Some were pretty flukey, but we really need the bats to wake up. Also, having three starters on the IL isn't ideal. 10-6
6 Cubs 0 The Cubs played well against the Royals, and then the Cardinals series was postponed. With no evidence that any Cardinals players actually went to a casino or broke protocol more than any other team, I believe that fans making moral judgments against the Cardinals are wrong. Perhaps we shouldn't blame teams for getting a deadly disease during a global pandemic; getting the coronavirus is not a moral indictment. Let's be better fans and better people as the world is falling apart. 10-3
7 Indians +2 The Tribe pitching continues to dazzle - the rotation has put up a quality start in all but two games, one of which was 5.2 shutout innings. Meanwhile the bullpen has a sub-1 ERA if you take away a single nightmare outing by Brad Hand. The less said about the batting order the better, but there's no way they can rank dead last in BA and SLG all year, right guys? G-g-guys? 10-7
8 Rockies +6 The Rockies have the 2nd best run differential in baseball going into Sunday's games due in large part to their starting pitching. Their offense has been middle of the pack so far but that's with Nolan Arenado hitting about as poor as we've ever seen from him. Charlie Blackmon is the early favorite for NL MVP as he racks up a .446/.475/.679 slash. Last week: 5-2. This week: 3 vs AZ & 3 vs Texas. 11-4
9 Rays -1 A return to Dome Sweet Dome is what the Rays needed to right the ship, splitting the sox and winning a tight series with the Yankees. The bats still need to come around, you would think it'd be hard to stay ice cold in Florida and all. The most inspiring things for Rays fans this week were the retunr of Austin Meadows and having a non-Zunino catcher not only bat, but also get the clutch walkoff to send the Yanks home. Let us all pray Charlie Morton is ok and flap on. 8-8
10 Padres +1 The Pads scored every one of their fourteen runs in the Arizona series by way of the long ball. We got to see Luis Pattiño in some relief after being called up, and saw Hos return to action. Fernando Tatis Jr. is very good at baseball. This week we started against the Dodgers, then played the D’Backs, while looking ahead we play the Dodgers, then have a series against the D’Backs… 9-7
11 Astros -6 Our pitching is, for the most part, bad. Seriously, almost our entire bullpen is comprised of AA and A rookies with a handful of MLB appearances under their belt. When the pitching is not bad, our offense is bad and we can't provide enough run support. I've seen enough extra inning games this season. Hard to feel confident in the team right now, but hopefully the beginning of a homestand will turn things around. 6-9
12 White Sox +1 Eloy getting tangled in the left field netting is going to be on lowlight reels for a long time and his 0-20 slide makes it worse. Thankfully, we're looking at a 4 day weekend with the Cards series in doubt. If you told the fanbase in the spring we would be 8-8 after 16 games, most would be happy. A week of the offense averaging 2.5 runs makes 8-8 feel a lot worse. On the plus side, Giolito has looked like an ace again and Moncada is on a 20 game on base streak. 8-8
13 Brewers -1 Props to BeHereNow91 for stealing my lead in about Yelich this past week, short version Yelich is rocking a 1.400 OPS this week. A few other key players have been getting some really interesting BABIP stats. Hiura with his .333 BABIP and only .250 AVG and Gyorko with the .375 BABIP/.250 AVG split. 6-7
14 Reds +2 It’s a special kind of hell having the best rotation in the entire league and the worst bullpen in the entire league. Yesterday’s loss was a microcosm of the season: leading 2-1 going into the 6th inning and trailing 9-2 by the end of the 7th. Michael Lorenzen has surrendered 10 earned runs in 5.1 innings while the combination of Gray, Bauer, Disco, and Mahle have allowed the same number in 64.1 innings. If you remove Tejay Antone’s stellar mopup job against Chicago, the Reds’ bullpen has an unfathomably bad 8.32 ERA. In other news, they’re batting .203 as a team and got shutout by the Indians two nights in a row. 7-9
15 Nationals -5 The Nats did not respond well coming out of their break. They have played poorly against AL East power-team, the Baltmiore Orioles, and have not given a lot of reason for hope. However, Sean Doolittle is a national treasure and it is completely unacceptable to harass a human on Twitter for poor sports performance. If you logged into your account and tweeted or DM'd Doo, you should be ashamed of yourself and turn in your World Series gear because you don't deserve it. 4-7
16 Mets +4 This was an interesting week. Just when you think the Mets are in freefall they come back, and go 4-2, including taking 2 of 3 from "The Best Team in the League" (technically, at the time) Miami Marlins. On top of that Conforto is swinging a hot bat, the team has scored a couple of actual runs, and deGrom even got a win (two in a row!). However, Alonso is quickly turning into Adam Dunn with a better (at times) glove, and the bullpen is still shaky despite Jared Hughes being the bright spot nobody saw coming. Well, what's see what this next week brings... together :) #GiménezNLROY2020 7-9
17 Phillies 0 The Phillies didn't have all that bad of a week all things considered. After a week long break, they split a series with the Yankees and went 1-2 against the Braves. Harper and Realmuto have looked great, and the introduction of Spencer Howard a better (?) Arrieta means the Phillies might just have a servicable rotation. The bullpen is a different story. If they can somehow put together a not terrible bullpen, they should have a shot at the playoffs and maybe some more. 4-6
18 Marlins +9 What this team has been able to do with a bunch of replacement players is a testament to the coaching staff Miami has. Primarily, the bullpen. We may have even found a couple diamonds in the rough. That being said, replacement batters havent fared as well. After some initial success, solid Mets pitching has shown that the lineup sorely misses Ramirez, Rojas, Cooper and Alfaro at the plate. Once our guys come back from covid, this team should be able to finish out tough games like yesterdays. Wouldnt be a surprised to see them finish at or slightly above .500 this season. We got Blue jays and Braves this week. 7-3
19 Tigers +6 Don't look now, but Detrot is one half game off the lead for the AL Central, making these boys rather tough to rank. If the Tigers can continue to be competitive, look to find Casey Mize getting the call sooner rather than later to help shore up the back end of the rotation. This week: 3 vs. CWS, 2 vs STL (although this is unlikely), and 3 vs. CLE. 8-5
20 Orioles +4 It's week 4 and the Orioles are at .500. A miracle if you ask me. They get swept by the Marlins (probably to avoid COVID) and then should have swept the Nats. Can anyone explain to me why the Yankees got a rain shortened win earlier this year and the Orioles have their game suspended? Weird... 7-7
21 Angels -3 Sometimes, a single play captures a season perfectly. 5-11
22 Rangers 0 Wear a mask. Wash your hads. Started the weekend with the worst record in the AL, now 2nd place in the AL West with a playoff spot after a sweep of the Angels and still 2 games below .500. That's the Rangers way. 6-8
23 Blue Jays -7 The Buffalo Blue Jays are finally going home! The first MLB game at Sahlen field will take place on Tuesday, and the migratory birds will be able to settle in. Hopfully it will lead to the bats waking up. The Jays have been the 5th worst hitting team in baseball by wRC+, posting a pitiful line of .218/.277/.366. Good thing the pitching has been good. 5-8
24 Giants -3 7-10
25 Red Sox -2 Decent week for the Sox this time around. Our pitching staff came to play for once, however with impeccable timing the offense decided to disappear for a bit, leaving us with a respectable 3-2 record for the week. Of note is Verdugo, who had a standout game against Toronto with 2 HRs as well as robbing one from off of none other than Former-Red-Sock Travis Shaw. Calling it now, Verdugo 2022 AL MVP 6-9
26 D-Backs -6 D-backs continue to underperform their talent level as their streaky offense can't buoy a terrible, no-good pitching staff. MadBum hasn't looked like himself all year and is currently being evaluated for back issues in Phoenix, while Ray is as frustrating as ever. Zac Gallen and Merrill Kelly have looked legitimately fantastic, but it's hard to get by on two good starting pitching performances a week. 6-10
27 Royals +1 A winning streak and a sweep of the Twins? Really? That just happened? While Brad Keller helps the rotation, and getting rid of Jorge Lopez helps any pitching staff, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. This is still a rebulding team, and while the sudden show of competence is nice, the Royals are not suddenly going to contend for the postseason. Unless Lopez was that fucking useless... 7-10
28 Mariners -2 Justus Sheffield claimed his first career win this past week. Another bright light in a ridiculous season. Once baseball returns for real, the Mariners should be a force to reckon with as the new guys are looking fantastic. Evan White's glove is a beautiful thing. 6-11
29 Pirates 0 D̷̥̗̬͇͕̗͕̙̱̪̄̈́̆̃̔̂͆̍̆̒̓͛̑͝ȩ̶̣̞̣̻͈̲̰͉̰̪̏͛̅̅̈́͑̉̅̓̌̊͒͠͠a̵̡̡̙͚̭͕̳͕̖͔̫̪̘̐̓̿ͅr̸̡̧̢̙̞̤͙͍̭͕̦͙͈̀̍͋͋͜ͅ ̴̡̗̲̗͍̣̞̝̤̜̱̑͆͊͂͂̽̋̒̾͘̕͜T̴͈̝̥͚͂͘̚ẁ̶̢͎̱͈̳̘̜̙͆͐̈́͂͐̈́̔͊̂̕͠i̷̩̩̹̫̫̾́͌́̿͂̑͐͋͝͝n̶̡̧̠̘̝̟͔̩̫̩͈̰̍̔̽̈́̈́̕̚s̸͔̖̈́̈̇̐͘̚ͅ ̷̛͓͙̙͇͔̯̻̟͓̣̫͖͖͈͗̍̂͂͌̔̈́̽͊̐͋͒̇̕ͅǎ̴̢͎̪͇̬͔̻̼̯̀̀̋͂ͅn̵̳̩̰̠̱̳̯͕͊̔͐̿͛̇̊́̄͂͝d̵̡̹͓̣̺̪̦̺̗͊̈́͌̃̈́̆ͅ ̴̡̗̮̤̣͙̗̰̗̊͂͊̑̍͊̒̀̚͝T̵͇͍̯̄̑̈͛͗̉̅͂i̷̩̱̇̈́̈́g̴̡̧̣͈̪͉̹͈̞̺̜͖͕͇͋͐͒̿̚͝ͅe̷̮͊̌̈̃̔̂̇̊͌͘͜͝r̶̨̛̛̭̺͉͎͍̘̗͊̎̀͗͛̍͌́͊̉͒s̴̫̭͍͉̠̰̙̍̈́̋̕͝:̴̡̨͚̭̥͉͖͎͍̪͖͙͚̝͓̀̈́͂̄̌̾̒̂ ̶̨̢̢̫̱͉̣̥͈̈́T̸̡̧̢̩̖̼͈̮̙̟̬̹͕̈́̈̎͗͘͝h̵̢̥̳̣͔̜͈̝͎͎́̎̂̊́a̸̧̻̝̪̝͎̙̟͕̬̾͐̌̎̕ṅ̸̛͇̲̻͍̦͙̏̓͊̉̀͆̓̽̓̿̕k̵͍̳̰͉͑̑̊͌̆̃͒̚͠͝ ̶̛̱̮͈̙͖̫̉́͛̔̄͒̾͐͐̀̏͝ͅy̷̧̛̻̬͉̤̥͔̩̼̲͊̂̅͜ͅo̵͇̬͔̣̼̰̟̐̑͒̽͒̐̀̕̕ͅṷ̶̧̧̢̬̳͕̙̖̺̫̹̮̤̪̈́̌͂̒̔̽̉͂̅̇̕ ̶͇̻͓̱̘͔͚̙͙̟̉̋́̽͑̈́͌ͅͅf̵̛̮̈́͗͛̔̉̕͝ó̸̢̞̲͕̫̳͈͙͙̎̀̕͜͜ŕ̶̨͉̞̠̠̤̳̯̻̱̬̩̻̽̇̄̀̒̈͊̈͛͊ ̵̧̢̙̝͎͚̙̩̺̥̙̱̝̈͛̒̅̓̎͠ͅh̵̯̄̍͊e̷͍̗̞̬̪̣͙̦͇̲̓̈́̾̀̃̑́̽̀͌̀̍̚͝ͅl̵͈͖̰̭͐̂͑͝͠p̵̠͌͌̇͗̅į̷̨̡̱̻̭̮͖͗͐͗́͜͠ͅn̸̢̨̛̟̯̫̦̰̻̘̠̻̗̯g̸̢̥̯͊́̅͗̈́̉̇̿̈́͝ ̵̛̜̮̮̲̝͊́̀̄̈́̏̑͒͘͠t̴̤̥̓̐̾̄ḩ̴͖̼̞͔̱̦͎̞͆̇̋͆́͛́̓͘͝͝ė̷̛̥̠̏͌̎͗̀͒̃̓́̚͠ ̵̧͍̦͖̯͛̊̽͛͆̅͂̔̒́̇̿͘P̴̝̭̬̬̣̿̾͒̈́͌́̈í̵̡̭̠͈̦͕͕͓͚̲̓͋̎̈́͊̈̊̍̇͗͒̉͘͝t̶̢̨̡̩͚̖͇͍͍̥͈̀̒̀́̒͊̐̎͝t̶͍̪͚̻̭͍̩̼̮̰̺͌ş̵̨̠̮̱͔̪͕̜͎̻̳̱̆̇̈́̄͝͝͠b̸̡̮̝̯̗̥͋̓̾̃̈́u̵̳͂͌̈́͛̽̀̈́̾͝͝r̴͇̲̟̓̃̿͌̇̍̈͘͝͠ǧ̴̝̯̲̙̠̜̲̱͋͌h̷̢̢̡̛̬̹͈̠̰̼̼̭̤̹͂̑͗̂̌̈́̇͘͝ ̶̱̪̝̦̭̮͙̮̬͊P̸̢̤͈̰̠̟̹͕̐͂̋̃̌͌̓͝͠í̸̢͚̟͇̣̏̾̌ŗ̵̲͙͓͇͖̝̳̻̖̔̑̂̏̂̕͝ä̵͕̱̤̝̥̪͇̮͙̖́̑͒̈́͐ț̴̢̛̛͉͈̪̙̜̖͍͔͉͂̃̓̈́͛͒̋̆̈́͜͜ͅe̶͈̠̔̄̈́̐͒s̵̜͙͖͉̪̝̘̼̏̇̋̃͋̏͗̍̍͊̓͊̕̕ ̴̨̯̯̭̻͚͈̜̯̺̤̗̂͊͂̊̂̓̾̆̔͑̌̈́̕͝ồ̵̡̨̝̬͈̮̲̲̥́̽̆͂̅̓̽̄̈́̕̚͠͝ͅn̶̲͉͍̞̍̀̓̌̿͆͂̅̄̀̀̃͠͝ͅ ̷̳͖̭̤͓̹̞͚͉̥͔̟̱̣̍̂̽͜t̸̨̥̣̪͚̘̻͔̳̠̲̦̺̰͐̀̿̂͌̅͝ḥ̶̛͍͙̗͎̪̬̱̰̙̄͛̌͋̋ẻ̶͍̦͖̥͎͆́́͂̈́̚ͅḯ̸̢̜̖̖͍̭̙̱̙̘̫̙̂͑̀͒̓ͅr̷̼̯̗̙̞̼̄̈́ ̶̡̨̳͔̦̂̾̈͑͝͝ͅq̴̡̛̙͕̺̗̪̜͇͉͕̱̟̩̊͌̈́̐́̔͐̓͌́͛̈̏͝u̴̡̥͓͍̭̿̀̆̃̃̎̓̽̓͊̓͝͠ę̷͓̗͈͚͙̒̎͌͘̕s̶̡̝̮͚̜̣͚͇̖̭͖̓̈́̃̔͊̿͗̓̚̕ͅͅt̸̻̝̜̺̺̳͍̜͎̹͖̔̎̏̓̃̇̀̀̏̚̚ ̴̧̳̱̣̯͓̗̞̰̻̆͂̆̍̂͑̀͐̃̈̌͋̾͆͜f̵̣̻̝̹̖̱͍̂̽ơ̴̡̛͖̝̮͕̜̞̣̤̩̜̦̜̑̅̉͒̿̋̆̉͠r̸̨̙̹͚̰̣͓͐͆̋͆̓͂̆̃̓̃͂͛̌̿̃ ̸̢̨̙͓̱̫̯͉͙̘̙͙̻͇͆K̶͉̲̞̪̮̜̤͉͉̗̖̿̆́̂̀̄̍́͑ͅͅų̴̜͇͕͔̲̺̭͍̩͗̾̉̊̀̊̆̚ṃ̵̧̡̢̣̞̮͇͓̱̥̹̒̈ͅͅą̵͖̞̖̼̣̠̤̥̪͚͋͌̀̽̋͝r̵̢͚̬̺̍͒̂̒̽̏͝ͅ ̸̮̀̄̐̀͊̿̋͂͌̆̈̕͝R̷̡̨̬͚͙̫̻̱͍̬̭̅̿͒͋͒́̿̇̆̕ǫ̵̨̖̗̳͍̹͉̤̘̯̣͕͊̔̈̍̏͋̊͐̅͛͝ͅc̶͖̪̙̣̲̤̖͚̠̹̖̳̞͙̏̅̐͜ḵ̷̢̨̘̙̹͕̠̙͍̳͙̠͙͒͒̅̒ͅe̸̢̻̦̮̻͌̉̄̉̀̎̇́̇̽̑̓͂ŗ̴̗͙̲̝̱̠̭͙͕̮̯̱͠ 3-13
N/A, Quarantined Rank: 17||Cardinals|-2| 5 games lul |2-3
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2000 Mile Roadtrip from LA to Colorado. First long road trip (Pics) 😊

I never write blogs or long posts but I just went on an amazing trip with my M3 LR RWD and wanted to share. I bought this car 2 years ago and due to work travel and COVID I only have 13K miles on the odometer.
An opportunity arose due to my friend getting married in Colorado and I’ve never been to any of the national parks in the desert south west so I decided to make a rod trip out of it!
I drove from the LA area to Bryce Canyon and stayed a few days, then to Moab UT for a night, then to Durango CO for 3 nights then home through New Mexico & Arizona. Story and Pics follow.
I left around 8am and drove to Bryce. It's a 530 mile trip and took ~9 hours. I roughly mapped out the trip via ABRP with conservative settings to get an idea of the trip and made sure to stay at hotels that had destination chargers. My first and most range anxiety stop was at Primm, NV. The car said from the start I'd arrive at 7%. If you’ve done this drive from LA after Baker there is a large uphill incline followed by a long decline to state line. Going up the hill I had less range than the distance to destination. My wife was super nervous as was I. I drafted behind a semi which BTW I'm not even sure I did properly as I don’t know how to actually draft LOL. Anyway coming down the hill I regen’ed almost the entire way and arrive with 6% and 19m range. I should have just realized and trusted the car from the beginning.
This was a pic during the moments of stress
So hot…so many fires along the way
Me charging in Primm, NV at 118 ambient. 130+ Kw
We had lunch in the casino and headed on to St George UT. Since my wife was super nervous about range from the prior stop she asked we top off in Vegas so we did. This downtown charger was in a weird place with nothing around. We stopped for only 5 mins since there was nothing around, but it never mattered since we arrived at St George with ~105 of range
St George, UT was a challenge. It was so hot that day the heading across the NV desert my car registered in at 119F.
When I arrived in St George I had 104 miles and there was a line at the charger. I had to wait 15 mins then realized why there was a line. The car told me to charge for 20 mins but it took over an hour with ~30Kw max charge speed. It wasn’t just me as other cars were there a long as me and the line grew. I guess it was the was blazing hot although I charged in Primm at 118F and had no problems.
This was the only ‘annoyance’ in charging but we made the best of it and I made it to Bryce which is a large elevation gain with 29% SOC...i guess I waited too long in the St George heat and that slow 30Kw 😊
We stayed at the Bryce Canyon Best Western. They had 4 chargers. No problems although one of them requires you to park in a no parking spot to make the cable reach. Bryce is ~8-9K feet so the temp was cooler. Still hot with highs in the 90s. I’ve didn’t know that any state had an 80mph speed limit but Utah does!
This is the part where we deviate from the car a bit. Stayed 3 days. Hiked and road horses. Amazing place...breath taking
From Bryce we headed to Moab and stopped at Green River which was a great charging station with a very good local restaurant across the street.
Moab was very hot ~110F, but Arches national park was as expected. I figured I’d be able to drive through get out for a few mins, take it in, and get back into the car. I was able to do that. Camp Mode was awesome for this 😊 Yeah yeah I know there are hikes and things I could have done but I wouldn’t be in this trip if it weren’t for the wedding so the time of year and temps were just part of the coincidence of me even having driven here in the first place.
In Moab we went to a winery after an amazing drive along the Colorado river. I knew Utah had strict laws on drinking but man this was a let down if you like to relax and have a drink. I knew something was up with the tasting was $1 per person. The drive was amazing though and that’s what matters
Finally, the wedding! I wish we had more time on Moab but alas we woke up and headed to Durango. In Durango our hotel had 4 destination chargers and no problems finding an open spot. We stayed at the Double Tree which was a amazing hotel on the local river.
Downtown Durango was very cool. Lots of small locals shops and a great Winery named Four Leaves
This is an Aerial shot of the historic narrow gauge train depot
Durango was beautiful and we took this awesome historic train ride from Durango to Silverton. This ride is 9 hours pre-COVID but only 3 now due to 50% capacity and the financial ability of the entire run. It was still amazing.
Oh and we couriered the bride’s vale all the way to the wedding!
After 3 days in Durango having a great time with friends, we headed home through New Mexico and Arizona. Coming into New Mexico from Colorado put us in the Navajo Indian Reservation. Talk about a depressing place. The landscape was ugly, the roads were bad, and there were “don't drink and drive signs” all over the place including the do not enter signs all over the media separated highway which suggests a lot of people go flying down a divided highway the wrong way.
We stopped to charge in Gallup, NM which is a skip. There is nothing in walking distance at all. That said charging was fast!
We also stopped at Holbrook, AZ. We didn’t need to charge but were hungry an there is a Burger King there. Now off to Flagstaff where we spent a night and hit local bars which was fun as it’s a college town. We charged at the super charger which is in the hotel parking lot we stayed in and then woke up to head home the next day.
On the way home we stopped in Needles, CA just past the border. I suppose I forgot to take a pic because I can’t find one but it’s a good spot at a Dairy Queen which fortunately in this blazing hot place has partial shade on the chargers depending on on time of today you go. I was there about 9:30am
From there we headed to Barstow which requires a solid charge as the elevation gain is ~4K feet and it’s one of the most desolate drives I’ve ever done. There is absolutely nothing out in the Mojave desert except blazing heat and sand. Running out of charge or breaking down out here would suck. It was ~150 miles and I used 250 miles of range to achieve it but I arrived with plenty.
Charging in Barstow was nice. They have 12 stations and shade. There are several places to eat in a short walking distance.
From there I was home in 90 mins!
This was a great trip and while my wife didn’t really understand why i didn't want to fly for me in addition to seeing these amazing national parks I wanted to see what it was like to drive an EV thousands of miles and frankly as I mentioned at the beginning I’ve had this car 2 years with only 13K miles and I wanted to road trip away from this COVID isolation. The trip was amazing, the car is amazing. A few closing thoughts
1 - Charging is not slower than pumping gas. Yeah filling the tank takes 5 mins, and charging takes 15-30 mins but depending on the situation but after driving for hundreds of miles for multiple hours getting out to get a drink, stretch, grab a bite to eat is what I would have naturally done anyway and the time at the stop felt totally normal.
2 - The issue in St George was an anomaly IMO. It was almost 120 degrees ambient and the charger was busy.
3 - The trip was super smooth and EAP relieves a lot of driving fatigue. I don’t know how to explain it but using EAP makes you far less fatigued than normal driving. I was able to stretch my legs, enjoy some scenery, and overall feel more after each leg of the trip.
4 - Lastly…’s amazing to me that we have technology that can hurl me across the desert in 100+ temps at 85mpg for hundreds of miles in luxury all using a battery!! I hope you all enjoyed reading this. I enjoyed writing it.
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Crazy no mask guy raising hell at Linq

No pics, sorry. Went to eat dinner at Guy Fieri's. I work near UNLV but live in AZ, so I stay at casinos when it's cheap. I eat on the strip sometimes to treat myself.
Some fool is currently being restrained by about 6 security guys (and a security lady)... Because, apparently, he wanted to enter without a mask.
He's been screaming for nearly an hour. At one point about 15 mins ago he was spitting. I don't understand why there aren't police yet, TBH.
I don't understand insisting on coming in. Wear a mask, or walk away. This is a stupid choice.
I try to take advantage of the casinos for the convenience, and I'm glad they are trying to be safe. It's bad enough how many people I have to walk near.... They don't need to be making it worse by actively refusing to mask up.
Update: manager at the restaurant tells me he bit someone. So he's on the hook for multiple assaults between the spitting and biting. Why? Just don't come if you're going to be like that.
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AITA for telling a friend’s friend that he couldn’t keep the “jackpot” that he hit on my antique slot machine? (About $700)

I had a party at my house last night. I have an antique slot machine from the 1940s that is in absolutely spotless and working condition in my living room. My step grandma was a show girl she she got it while dating a count room guy prior to meeting my grandpa.
Over the years people have played it and maybe won a few quarters here and there. Maybe a max of $50 at a time. As far as I know the jackpot was never hit on it so however it works there was probably about $700 in the jackpot reserve that had built up over the years. I’d never bothered to have it cleaned out since it just seemed like a fun novelty.
Well a friend’s friend hit the jackpot last night. I was fucking floored when he legit thought he could keep my ~$700. His case was hed been playing with his own money and I would have kept his quarters. My argument was I’d be happy to give him his quarters back if he’d asked but I’m not a casino and while I’m not destitute, I can’t afford to give someone $700. Argument caused the party to wind down and one of my best guy friends basically told the guy he’d be in real shit if he tried to leave with the money but the guy left threatening to come back with the cops and sue me in small claims court. I have no idea if that was realistic but no cops came back.
So was I the asshole for nor letting him keep the money?
Edit: sorry guys I can't answer such witticisms as "why are you so shity?" because I've been banned.
Edit2: wow since I’m a “baby gangster” who has been running an “illegal gaming operation” (both things that have been said) I might as well just go whole hog and start running guns and pimping underage Andean alpacas to people who would pay for the privilege. I’m really that bad? I just thought I had a cool thing my step grandma got by banging a dude from the count room.
Edit3: gotta address this one directly:
If this was really last night, give it a week or a month and see how many friends, especially mutual friends, are no longer talking to you. Forget our votes, listen to those. Also forget small claims, you need to worry more about hearing from your state's gambling commission.
If the moderators allow me to update, I will ABSOLUTELY update and tell you how many friends I’ve lost. Almost everyone (including the friend that brought the “winner” thought he was being a total asshole for the way he was down on his hands and knees scooping up quarters off the floor to put in his pockets. And he was lying about much he put into the machine too (he said $75–who the fuck walks around, nuch less even get $75 in quarters—when going to a party at a strangers house). In addition, I will gladly, gladly call our state gaming commission (AZ) and ask what trouble I might be in. I will also update on that when I can. People CAN’T be this dramatic in real life...I’m a ducking instagram influencer for my job, the phoniest, most vapid, saddest job a person can have right now and I’m still blown away by some of these comments. Call me YTA all you like, but don’t be stupid and claim to have knowledge you don’t in the process.
Edit4: well I was banned for joking around, other people have bad posts calling me a cunt up for over an hour. Makes INFO hard but I’ll try to explain my thinking on the money in the machine and why I can’t “afford” to give it to him.
Say you have a change jar, has $100 in it. Your good friend asks to borrow $25, for parking, you'd say yes right? Another friend says wow, that’s cool I have $1.25 in my pocket, can I donate to your change jar? You’d say yes. Now let’s say a guy you’ve never met says “hey I just put .80 into your change jar, now I’m taking the whole thing.” You would say no. It’s how I’ve always seen the slot machine as huge change jar for all my close friends to use. I’ve given people quarters to play, I’ve taken a quarter here and there from people who wanted to see it work. I’ve taken in maybe $100 over five years. Maybe. That’s a nickel a day. that’s not a freaking illegal gambling operation.
Edit5: a good question:
INFO Did he explicitly ask if he was allowed to play it, and keep what he wins? If no then he played it without permission, you aren't running a casino.
No he did not, the first time I ever saw or spoke to him was when he was on his hands and knees picking quarters up off the floor slamming them his pockets. I don't mind if people play it, I even give people quarters to play it (since no one has change anymore) but he did not ask.
Edit6: another good question
Also, need more info. You stated that other guests have won small jackpots in the past (max $50). Did you let them keep it? If so, why are you making a double-standard here?
I would have let him keep $50-100 (he certainly got away with some in his pockets) but he was such an asshole right away that he didn't give me the chance to come to any sort of deal. Most everyone at the party just wanted him gone. I do feel bad and maybe my guilt over the apparent double standard is why I'm asking here. But I do feel as though had he been even slightly cool and not threaten cops or lawsuits I wouldn't have been backed into a corner.
INFO We need to know where the money came from. Did the money in the machine come from YOU putting it in or playing the machine
So this is all guess work based on what my grandma said the jackpot could hold (there's a window that shows the coins in rhe jackpot, the space behind is about the size of a big shoe box). She said it gets full at $800. It was more than half when she and my grandpa gave it to me, I always guessed $500. In five years it's now 7/8ths full. I play it from to time to time so I'd say $100 of that is mine and $100 is friends. I think the jackpot and normal pay outs come from different boxes so last night was the last night I've ever seen that window empty. I know nothing of the machine or how it works or how to change settings so I may be so wrong and a slot machine "nerd" could correct me if I'm way off base.
Edit8: this is the best yta take so far and I can't let it get buried.
I really hope you get into some serious legal trouble and then you’ll wish all you lost was several hundred and not thousands including jail time.
Edit9 (at 5:45am, gotta work): you guys are really cracking me up. I love the comments that say "your edits make you YTA! Alone. Where did the money come from btw?" I truly can accept the YTA votes but so freaking many of them have basic facts wrong.
  1. I wasn't profiting off this machine. I've literally never opened it up and taken a single coin out.
  2. I can't afford to give a random dude $700. I don't need it now, but I have savings account I don't need it now either but I might some day. And now I've found out that some of the quarters that my grandma had from the 50s or 60s might actually be silver. So good thing I hung onto them right ? (I can't wait for the "you're a stupid thot" rationalizations to come from this one).
  3. I never cleaned it out because honestly I like the way it looked with the coins in the window. This thing is enourmous and built with casino security in mind so it was in fact, a great piggy bank.
  4. Some nice NTAs have suggested I have a bowl of quarters a for people to play. I actually in effect did that because 80% the time people who wanted to play didn't have change (I got it five years ago) so I always had quarters around, maybe just not right by the machine.
  5. As an example, Over the years it's mostly friends kids who want to play. I had a very precocious 9 year old once come over with his $20 of money truly expecting to get the jackpot. He was heartbroken when he didn't win (I might have given it to him since he was so cute) but I gave him a $20 silver certificate my step grandma had given me (acquired ny dubious means no doubt) and that kid was thrilled. so I always, always give people money back if they ask. I never intended to profit off the machine. No one has ever made a big deal of it before (save the 9 year old).
Edit10: this dude wins the comments, for all time:
I bet u look like jared fogle or some shit
Edit 11: sooooo the plot thickens, thank you to some very helpful people who own slot machines who DM'ed who were also able to suggest experts in my area, I was able to call a local person who works on antique slot machines. My slot machine is highly customized but it's based around a pretty well known model from that era (don't want to say exactly because only a few of them exist anymore) and he said I could tell right away if the machine was broken or had been tampered with. In my very, very, very amateur job of checking it over it does appear that this little piece is either broken or misplaced. So it looks like this piece of shit "guest" actually broke my machine to steal my money. There wasn't a jackpot at all. I don't have confirmation of this until the repair guy is able to come later this week but it looks like that's what happened. The guy said there's an outside chance that if that piece was broken or tampered with that it was an accident but he wouldn't bet on it. I still don't care if I'm YTA till the cows come home, posting here has probably allowed me to get to the bottom of this. And fuck that guy.
Edit 12: well the amazing and level headed moderators of this sub just ever so politely informed me that I will not be allowed to update this post. So the short story is the "winner" almost certainly was hitting the machine and caused the jackpot to spill out. So had I been a real casino I would have enacted the "malfunction voids all pays and plays" clause. So yeah, I was totally in the right. Fuck this sub. Fuck the moderators. And fuck those of you on your stupid high horse. Most of you however were cool.
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[Post-Match] Phoenix Rising 5-2 New Mexico Utd.

FT: Phoenix Rising New Mexico United

Scorers: Parkes 5', Flemmings 18', Dadaşov 22', Cochran 52', Tinari 59', Flemmings 74', 86'
Competition: USL Championship Group C, Matchday 6/16
Venue: Casino Arizona Field, Phoenix, AZ
Attendance: few
Starting XI: Z. Lubin (GK); D. King, C. Whelan, A.J. Cochran (G 52'), O. Kontor (Sub 69'); J. Bakero (Sub 87'), K. Lambert (YC 58'), S. Stanton (Sub 62); S. Asante, R. Dadaşov (G 22', Sub 69'), J. Flemmings (G 18', 74', 86')
Subs: E. Dick (GK), J. Schweitzer (Sub 62'), J. Barmby, J. Farrell (Sub 87'), S. Moar (Sub 69'), J. Aguinaga, J. Calistri (Sub 69', YC 80')
Starting XI: C. Mizell (GK); A. Yearwood, K. Ryden, R. Tetteh (Sub 46'), J. Suggs; A. Tinari, J. Guzmán (YC 45+1', Sub 62'), A. Moreno (YC 87'), S. Muhammad (Sub 62'); C. Wehan (Sub 81'); R. Parkes (G 5', Sub 81')
Subs: P. Beigl (GK), S. Hamilton (Sub 46'), R. Williams (Sub 62'), D. Estrada (Sub 62'), S. Sergi (Sub 81'), D. Bruce, J. Ahlinvi (Sub 81')
0': Kickoff here in Arizona! For the fourth time we face off against Phoenix Rising, this time in a cross-group wildcard game. Both teams enter the game with identical records, and a win would either propel Phoenix to the top of group B, or cement our place atop group C for two more weeks. Notably, infamous traitor Santi Moar starts out on the bench, with few changes from either side's team in the previous match.
5': GOOOOOOAAALLL!!! IT'S ROMEO PARKES WITH A LOOPING HEADER OVER LUBIN! It's Moreno who picks out the pass, and Parkes spots an opportunity with Lubin a few yards off his line, and heads it from the edge of the box!! It's a flying start, and just how we'd like to start the game! Game on, PHX 0-1 NMU
18': GOAL FOR PHOENIX! JUNIOR FLEMMINGS DRAWS LEVEL! Jon Bakero plays Flemmings through who picks it up at the edge of the box, and he beats Tetteh to slot it past Mizell with a cool right-foot finish. After a quick start, we're back level. PHX 1-1 NMU
22': A QUICK SECOND GOAL FOR THE HOME SIDE! SOLOMON ASANTE FINDS NEW MAN DADAŞOV! The Azerbaijani continues his good form, latching onto a diagonal ball from the Ghanaian to turn it around. Now it's us who will chase the game, but there's a lot of football left. PHX 2-1 NMU
24': Good chance for Phoenix! Whelan plays Asante through and it ends up in the net, but not before the linesman calls offside.
45': 3 minutes added on.
45+1': J. Guzmán (NMU) recoeves a yellow card. It's not clear why, but probably an incident off the ball.
45+4': Someone just got fired from the grounds staff, as the sprinklers come on before a Phoenix corner!
HT: PHX 2-1 NMU After a bright start, which saw Romeo Parkes bag a goal and a fantastic celebration, we lost control. Phoenix piled on the pressure, sending a lot of quick attacking moves forward. They were rewarded with 2 goals in 4 minutes. Flemmings and Dadaşov both put themselves a little higher in the league top scoring chart, and that's how the half would finish. The second half will almost definitely see more goals, and maybe some substitutions. Lesesne would do well to add some width to the attack, maybe bringing Williams or Bruce into the midfield.
46': Second half kickoff!
46': NMU substitution 1/5. S. Hamilton replaces R. Tetteh, maybe looking for more flexibility of the defense in transition.
52': PHOENIX FIND A THIRD! A.J. COCHRAN GETS HIS HEAD TO A CORNER BALL! Asante again plays a part as he sends a high arcing corner in, and the big man hammers it home! There's some suggestion of fouling by the Phoenix players, but the goal will stand, giving United that much more to do. PHX 3-1 NMU
58' K. Lambert (PHX) sees yellow after entangling with Tinari.
59': GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALL!!! ANDREW TINARI SCPRES HIS FIRST FOR THE CLUB! Yearwood drops a corner right in the middle of the 6 yard box, and after a brief scuffle Tinari backheels it in! It isn't pretty, but it'll do to cut the deficit back to 1! PHX 3-2 NMU
62' PHX substitution 1/5. J. Schweitzer replaces S. Stanton.
62': NMU double change, 2/5 and 3/5. D. Estrada replaces S. Muhammad in midfield. J. Guzmán makes way for R. Williams.
69': PHX double change, 2/5 and 3/5. O. Kontor makes way for J. Calistri. S. Moar (boo! hiss!) comes on for goalscorer R. Dadaşov.
74': PHOENIX RESTOREA 2-GOAL LEAD! BAKERO FLASHES IT ACROSS THE MOUTH OF GOAL, AND JUNIOR FLEMMINGS MAKES THE MOST! It's a brace for the Jamaican on the night and a brace of assists for Jon Bakero! Phoenix are asking questions that we haven't answered. PHX 4-2 NMU
80': J. Calistri (PHX) sees yellow for a shove on A. Moreno.
81': NMU double change, the last of the evening. J. Ahlinvi replaces C. Wehan, and S. Sergi comes on for R. Parkes, swapping out our front 2.
86': JUNIOR FLEMMINGS COMPLETES HIS HAT TRICK! SANTI MOAR (boo! hiss!) BEATS YEARWOOD DOWN THE LEFT, AND SLIDES A BALL IN FOR FLEMMINGS! It's a tidy finish into the roof of the net following a wide counterattack. We know all too well how good Moar (boo! hiss!) can be down the wing, and he notches an assist as Phoenix put the game, you have to say, beyond our reach. PHX 5-2 NMU
87': PHX substitution 4/5. J. Farrell replaces playmaker J. Bakero for the final few minutes. It's the final sub of the night for either side.
87': A. Moreno (NMU) sees the fourth yellow of the game.
90': 4 minutes added on.
FT: PHX 5-2 NMU You can see why they won the West at breakneck pace last season. We had some good moves, but Phoenix were quicker in transition, and the quality of their front 3 really shone through. Not a bad night for most players, including a first NMU goal for Andrew Tinari. Phoenix Rising best us for the first time in 4 matches, and the better team took the 3 points tonight. We go again at Colorado Springs on the 15th, and Phoenix host SD Loyal on the same day.
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Fuck what the law says, ignorance IS an excuse!


I am originally from Arizona. My mother remarried when I was 18 and still in high school - she had some mental issues that stemmed from long-term loneliness, so it actually didn't suprise me when she ended up marrying some guy from work after just a single week of dating. They got married without me ever officially meeting the guy.
Anyhow, one day (shortly after the marriage) during my senior year of high school I came home to find that my house had been sold, and my mom was moving out. She had an eviction notice from the bank, as it turns out my mother was going to lose the house, so the marriage was a way of her getting a safety net.
Long story short, I was told by my mother's new husband that I was an adult, and needed to start fending for myself. I was not allowed to move in with them (even though they had a guest room), and had to pack a bag, grab my dog, and school.
I mean, I had class the next morning. I went to my wrestling coach with my issue and he allowed me to live with his family. When season ended I got a job, my own apt, and eventually a car. I was an honor roll student my entire life, but that last semester I failed all my classes because I had to work. I shouldn't have graduated, but the school principal ordered all my teachers to give me a C due to my situation...I had A's & B's in their classes the previous semester, so they were happy to do it.
I worked three jobs at a time trying to support myself and also put myself through school. Community college was only 900 bucks a semester, but that was hard as heck to save - given I was working for $5.25 an hour minimum wage. But, I did it...
I competed in NJCAA Football and Wrestling, eventually earning All-American honors in both. This led to a wrestling scholarship to a DII school. The scholarship was just enough so that if I maxed out my student loans, tuition was paid for. This school was in California so I had to move.
This started the next chapter of my life as a broke college student who lived out of my car, and would usually walk around with less than $100 dollars to my name. It was the sacrifice I chose to make in order to get my education, as the athletic schedule kept me from holding a job, so what money I did have came from working at a labor staffing agency on the weekends. You'd get like 50 bucks for roofing, drywall deconstruction, or digging ditches.
It was rough, but I don't think I minded it too much - I was just happy to be consistently moving forward with my life.

The Rant:

I kept in contact w/ my mother. She had her various mental breakdowns here and there, but I always hoped she would eventually revert back to normal. Anyhow, when she found out that I was living in my car she insisted on paying for my car insurance. She knew that I frequently ran out of money, and she didn't want me to lose my "home."
I decided to travel back to Arizona to spend the Holidays with her. She had told me that she had cleared this with her husband, but I guess she actually hadn't. Because when he found out, he threw a huge fit and eventually cancelled my car insurance.
I was commuting through Vegas at the time, when I received a call from GEICO wanting to know why I had cancelled my insurance. I had enough money at the time, so I actually paid for it myself and got my insurance back. I asked for clarification if everything was ok, and if I was good to continue driving, and the sales rep said that it was.
Later that night while I'm somewhere in between Henderson and The Hoover Dam I get pulled over by a police car for not having any insurance. I explained to him the situation, and he confirmed that I did indeed have insurance. Unfortunately for me, the DMV had already suspended my license plate. Not my driver's license, but my actual license plate. They also suspended my registration.
The police officer informed me that even though I was without insurance for less than an hour, since GEICO reported it to the DMV, the wheels were already set in motion. In fact, after checking the time of expiration, it was revealed that by the time the DMV had processed the suspension, I had already purchased back my insurance.
I asked the police officer how on earth I was expected to know this. He claimed that when the DMV processed the suspension they automatically issued a letter to the address on my license informing me of the suspension, and that I should receive it in 3-5 business days.
So I asked again, how on Earth was I expected to know my license plate was suspended, I had asked the GEICO rep if I was good to go, and he said yes. The officer told me that the GEICO rep had no way of knowing my license plate was suspended...and that there was no way of me knowing that it had been suspended either, not until I received the letter.
So I clarified that I indeed had insurance, and that I should be legal to drive, but because the DMV had already suspended my license plate I was in fact not legal to drive...even though it was absolutely impossible for me to know that my plate was suspended. He confirmed that was indeed the truth. He said that in order to get my license plate and registration reinstated all I'd have to do was visit the Arizona DMV and show them my insurance card. It wouldn't cost any money, it would take about 10 minutes to do, and the closest AZ DMV was in Kingman about a hundred miles up the road.
So I told him that I would drive to Kingman, go to the DMV, and get everything straightened out. The officer told me that wasn't possible, because he needed to tow my car.
I asked him how that was fair, and he stated that it wasn't fair. But in the eyes of the law ignorance is no excuse and he has to do his job.
We were on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. No street lights, no stores...nothing but dirt. I asked him what was I to do? He said I should call someone to come pick me up. I explained that I didn't live in Nevada, I didn't know a single soul in the entire state. That I only had about 200 bucks on me, which was gas money to get to Phoenix. On top of that my phone was dead.
The cop stated that he was authorize to get me off the dark road due to it being a hazard, and he could drive me to the nearest populated area, which was The Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino.
So they tow my car to a lot in Henderson, while the cop drops me off at the Railroad Pass Casino, and now I'm stuck. This casino was by itself in the middle of the desert. There was nothing else around. There were no sidewalks or neighborhoods nearby. Just the Casino and the highway...which was dark without any lighting. So I couldn't even walk to the next town. I was thoroughly stranded.
So I walk into the hotel lobby and search for an outlet to charge my phone. I find one, but security immediately stops me. I explain to them my situation, and they state that unless I'm staying in the hotel or making purchases I have to leave. I ask them to let me charge my phone for at least ten minutes, as it's completely dead. Nope, apparently I'm trespassing - so I have to leave.
They walk me out to the parking lot, and want to know where my car is. I told them that I don't have one, but they claim that there is no way for me to get their without a car. There aren't even any busses that stop at that casino. I explained my story again, and they still don't believe it. They think I'm a homeless hitchhiker. They claim that if I don't leave they'll call the police, to which I reply, "please do."
They leave, and I'm stuck in the parking lot asking people if I can borrow their phone. Eventually the police do indeed come, and I explained to them my situation. They arrest me for trespassing, cuff me, and take me to Boulder City where I spend the night in a jail cell.
The next morning the police verify my story, and the same officer who pulled me over offers me a ride to Henderson so I can get my car. No trespassing charges are actually filed, and when I get to Henderson the officer authorizes the release of my vehicle. He tells me to drive carefully, because I could get pulled over again by a different officer.
Two hours later I make it to the Kingman DMV, and in about 5 minutes they reinstate my license plate and registration. I go ahead and drive to my mother's house for Christmas, only to be given gas money from my step-dad and told to drive home.
That same night, I'm back in Boulder City and I'm pulled over by the same police officer. He had no reason for pulling me over other than it's suspicious that I'm still in the area. I explained to him my situation, and he apologizes to me for the hell I've been through. He lets me know that the impound lot will NOT be charging me for the tow, and offers to buy me dinner at, of all places, The Railroad Pass Casino. I politely decline and make my way back to California.
Now here is where life really begins to suck. The tickets I received for "displaying false plates" and "providing suspended registration" equates to about 7 thousand dollars. Which I obviously cannot pay. My driver's license is suspended shortly afterwards. I'm forced to drive carefully from then on out, basically parking and never moving. But eventually a warrant is issued for my arrest due to failure to pay. My car is towed one night (it was parked) and I lose my "home."
Luckily I was able to move in with my girlfriend, and after the police realize I have no money to pay them the arrest warrant is rescinded. I eventually graduate college, and get a job working in San Francisco tech. Lucky for me I don't need to drive anywhere. Everything is in walking distance.
Ironically enough, I got my job in tech partly due to this debt. You see, I actually wanted to become a police officer, and one of the degrees that I received was in Criminal Justice. I actually interned for two years at the police department while finishing up school. Following my graduation, I was denied entry into the police academy until all of my outstanding traffic tickets were paid.
I picked up a paid internship at a gaming company, that eventually turned into a full time gig. That's since morphed into various different jobs over the years, but all pretty cool. My intention was to save enough money to eventually pay off the ticket and enter the academy...but I've since become very jaded when it comes to the "system", so I ultimately just decided to stay in the Silicon Valley tech industry instead.
I thought the blunt of this entire debacle was mostly behind me, but recently I tried to marry my girlfriend of one year, but, I was denied my marriage license because I need to pay the tickets. Which w/ interest has ballooned to over $12,000 dollars. Which is about half of my current savings.


Fuck what the law says, ignorance IS an excuse!
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The Time I Got The Pass

A couple years ago, I was playing poker full-time during a gap year in college. I'm from Jersey (grew up like 15 minutes away from Anna, apparently - took the SAT's at her old high school) and was mainly grinding at Parx outside Philly and Borgata in AC when I wasn't playing online (thank god it's legal here, fuck Sheldon Adelson - wishing death on decrepit old Jews like Kissinger who have receded into the shadows long after their damage has been done is usually weak shit, but I'd laugh if Adelson caught one in the dome), but I was pretty active in the Central Jersey home game scene. One of my good friends was a home game dealer at the time and started working at this juicy game consisting solely of ex-convicts who met up twice a week to lose their drug money to each other. He'd gotten the gig through a connection with one of the game runners who he'd been selling stolen iPhone parts at Rutgers for and told me to drop by since they were always looking for new players. He said the game was "shady" and told me to bring as little cash as possible as there'd be a non-zero chance I got robbed but gave me no details beyond that.
I show up to the game for the first time, hosted in the upstairs of run-down chiropractic office off Route 1, and "fish out of water" doesn't quite do it justice. I'm a sandy-haired twink, 135 pounds soaking wet, and I waltz into this place where everyone has done 5+ years (verbalized by at least three of them, my friend told me pretty much everyone had a record, usually narcotics charges with some domestic abuse sprinkled in) wearing salmon shorts and a button-down. Still, everyone was very cordial, happy to see a new player. Among the cast of characters playing was one of the hosts, an ex-DI defensive tackle who wore the same barbecue sauce-stained wife beater to every game while draped in what looked like 20 pounds of diamond jewelry and rolled up each night in a different Audi A6. There was also "Shorty", a wicked nice guy who'd been wheelchair-bound for over 20 years after taking 5 shots from a Tec-9 for saving his little cousin from getting his shit pushed in (whenever he was dealt 9 5 in Hold' em, after the hand he'd go "man, '95. The year my daughter was born and the year I got shot." which I got him to elaborate on that first night). There was Bri, a woman in her late 30's with an awful weave who'd lose exactly $300 every game in quick $50 increments, always seething on her bustout hand, cursing out the dealer and occasionally throwing chips at them (didn't know why they let her back every game since she brought so little to the game, but it was a very Snot Boogie-esque moment, if you're into The Wire). The only other white person there outside of my friend was "Big D," a paunchy woman in her 40's who'd gone to jail for beating her cheating husband with a baseball bat (omg queeeeeeen slayyyyyy).
I started going most Wednesdays since the casinos were usually slow that night and the Omaha game they ran was very fat. I didn't speak much, and I was mostly known for being a "serious player" and for my ability to snarf down a penne vodka tray faster than "Big Anthony" despite having the effete physique of a John Singer Sargent portrait subject. One night, I'm a few Millers deep (people tolerate you draining thousands from their game better if you're not stone sober all the time) and they started bumping some tunes, not super common at home games but the host was in the mood for it. As I'm sitting there stimming with my chips, my ears perk up when I hear the ethereal melody of "Life's a Bitch" fade in. As an autistic backpacker proto-fantanofag whose music taste was birthed out of the annals of 2011 /mu/, all those Illmatic verses are practically etched into my hippocampus.
I start mouthing the conversation between Nas and AZ at the beginning, and Shorty sees me as I say "cause we spendin' these Jacksons, the Washingtons go to wifey, you know how that go" and tells the table "yo, look." AZ's legendary verse begins and I drill it. 'Visualizing the realism of life in actuality / fuck who's the baddest, a person's status depend on salary..." and the rest seamlessly leaks out of my grapefruit. The whole room erupts out of bewilderment that this skinny nerd just nailed such an immaculate verse, and they're saying "keep going, keep going" during the chorus. I do a clean run of Nas' oft-overlooked second verse and the host is out of his seat yelling at this point as Olu Dara's cornet gently glides us to the end of the track. He goes "let's see him do another one" and the game is de facto paused at this point (very rare as it stops the collection of rake) and turns on "The World Is Yours," very fitting as the next track on the album.
We collectively sing the chorus and then I'm solo when the first verse hits - "I sip the Dom P watchin' Gandhi 'til I'm charged, then / Writin' in my book of rhymes, all the words past the margin" powerful enough lines to carry me through the rest of it. When we get to the third verse, Shorty notices me skip a word in "I need a new nigga for this black cloud to follow / ‘Cause while it's over me it's too dark to see tomorrow" (Jesus, who hasn't felt that at some point?) and at the end of the track, gets his hand on my shoulder and gives the proclamation "anybody who can spit Nas like that can say nigga." The game restarts and I'm asked for an encore, so I do "N.Y. State of Mind", a fortunate ordering since it has by far the highest n-word density of the three. I briefly stumble over "45’s and gauges, MAC's in fact / Same niggas will catch you back-to-back, snatchin' your cracks and black," a difficult string of exact rhymes, but they're equally impressed. The light-skinned drink runner grabs me another Miller and they transition to listening to All Eyez On Me, disappointed I don't have the same proficiency in Pac.
Stopped going to the game when I went back to school. Hope they're still drinking and throwing cards around, they were some cool people.
TL; DR: I can say the n-word because the Dionysian transcends all cultural boundaries.
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[JOB] Milletin hayatı tehlikeye maruz kalmadıkça, savaş bir cinayettir <2020-04-09 23:59 (UTC)>

{2020-04-09 23:59 (UTC) }

Players: 4
Duration: Fuck if I know
Communication: Roll20 and Discord
Game Theme: Retrieval
Music: Douran - Phenomena
Style Guide

Threat Level KUNG FU

Current Time: 2082-04-07 23:40:19 PST
There are 42 Active Users.
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Site Traffic is up 51%
>>>Connect to Job Server? (Y/N) >>> Y >>> CONNECTING... 
>>> Open Job 1 (Y/N) >>> Y >>> Opening... 
// Job Post
// Fixer Username: Hound of Babylon // Payment Status: Confirmed
An item needs stolen, the peculiarities can be accounted for by any professional.
Mr. Johnson
Accept Job: Y/N?
Once you accept, you will be directed to the Gates Casino.
Required Information: Role, pdf, if you've had a run in the last two weeks, and if you've had less than 5 runs, I do not want an IC prompt, if you give me a response to the J rather than my actual prompt I'll not do anything but it might affect your chance to be picked.
Additional Required information: Take as long or as short as you like, please describe why both mechanically and thematically your character is interesting.
Picks will come out on Wednesday night, read the style guide
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[JOB] Milletin hayatı tehlikeye maruz kalmadıkça, savaş bir cinayettir <2020-04-16 23:59 (UTC)>

{2020-04-16 23:59 (UTC) }

Players: 4
Duration: Fuck if I know
Communication: Roll20 and Discord
Game Theme: Retrieval
Music: Ruthless
Style Guide
Threat Level KUNG FU
All my runs are high threat I don't have to explain myself
Current Time: 2082-04-07 23:40:19 PST
There are 42 Active Users.
There have been 28 Posts in the last Hour.
Site Traffic is up 51%
>>>Connect to Job Server? (Y/N) >>> Y >>> CONNECTING... 
>>> Open Job 1 (Y/N) >>> Y >>> Opening... 
// Job Post
// Fixer Username: Hound of Babylon // Payment Status: Confirmed
An item needs stolen, the peculiarities can be accounted for by any professional.
Mr. Johnson
Accept Job: Y/N?
Once you accept, you will be directed to the Gates Casino.
Required Information: Role, pdf, if you've had a run in the last two weeks, and if you've had less than 5 runs, I do not want an IC prompt, if you give me a response to the J rather than my actual prompt I'll not do anything but it might affect your chance to be picked.
Additional Required information: Take as long or as short as you like, please describe why both mechanically and thematically your character is interesting.
Picks will come out on Wednesday night, read the style guide
Original picks will be priority
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Analysis of Pistols

Posted by Shadowgun Legends Wiki

For the most part, pistols are simply used for fun in this game or when you are out of primary and secondary ammo. Their killing power is just too low to make them the optimal choice for killing an enemy in either PvE or PvP. Even when you consider the Gunslinger skill (6 points combat), which boosts pistol damage by 50%, they will always be inferior to primary and secondary weapons. That being said, I wanted to share my perspective on selecting a good pistol for either mode.


Because pistols have such a small magazine size, the damage stat that is basically the only one that I pay attention to is DPS. The only exception to this relates to the killing power of high damage per shot pistols like the Kestrei SJ-87 or AT Kub II.
With the gunslinger skill and the right perks, it is possible to kill weaker enemies like Dreads, Grunts, Spiders, and Thorns in 1-2 bodyshots or 1 headshot, which basically turns these pistols into unlimited ammo pocket sniper rifles against this enemy type.
If you're running a build that has the gunslinger skill, then I almost always prefer to use my Kestrei over another pistol like Peregrine or Ostrich, which have higher DPS, simply because of the one-shot potential here, which makes the time to kill on these trash mob enemies zero or close to zero. Beyond just looking at DPS, accuracy is the most important factor to consider with magazine capacity also being important.
When it comes to magazine capacity, though, there are plenty of people that love the Skull's Sting pistol because of its large magazine, but the DPS on Skull's Sting is quite a bit lower (38% lower than Peregrine and 36% lower than Ostrich without factoring in perks), so its high magazine size can't really overcome that DPS difference when you are looking at something like how much damage that pistol can sustain over an extended period of time.
Low base accuracy is a really big factor in eliminating some pistols for me, namely the Peregrine and AT Kub II (the Kub is further eliminated for me because the fire rate is abysmally low). Hitting your shots is so much more important at the end of the day than just purely going for the highest potential DPS that you can. With that being said, I'll wrap up the PvE section with the recommendation of pistols to use in PvE.
Recommended pistols: Kestrei SJ-87 (if using the gunslinger skill), Ostrich, Last Stand MK II, Spectrum, Peregrine (if you can land your shots consistently)


PvP is a whole different ball game when it comes to pistol usage. I have a lot of perspective on this because I am currently waiting to compete in the finals of a pistol duel tournament organized by the APE guild, to which one of my alt characters (NabsulinCrAz) belongs. I've also competed in another pistol duel tournament where I placed third, and I learned a lot from preparing and participating in both of these tournaments. I'll elaborate on the ideal pistol strategy for PvP, including what build I use, but I'll talk in general about what pistols are good to use in PvP and when they should be used.
When looking at PvP from the competitive lens of facing a good opponent, you will almost never pull out your pistol because its killing power is so much lower than your primary or secondary weapon. Pretty much the only time where I use a pistol in a competitive match is when I very quickly have to follow up a sniper body shot against an enemy that is rushing me and there would be too much delay time if I were to try to switch back to my primary from my sniper rifle.
I still don't use this strategy very often because a competitive enemy will likely have about 165 HP, so even if my sniper shot does 100 damage to them, they still have 65 HP that I have to burn through, and unless I hit some headshots, I have to land 4-6 bodyshots with my pistol, which takes a bit more time than using a primary due to the fact that no pistol pushes above a base 300 fire rate.
When I first started playing PvP, this led me to believe that the high damage per shot pistols were preferable because it would take fewer shots to finish an opponent off after a sniper shot, which is why I initially used an AT Kub II back then. This, however, is a big mistake for one reason and one reason only: fire rate. The reason why fire rate is so important on a pistol for PvP is because enemies move around a lot and are hard to track with slow fire rate weapons. The higher the fire rate, the more bullets you can throw at your enemy while you are tracking them and the easier it is to land shots.
It is for this same reason that the Skull Blaster 3000 used to be used so heavily in PvP because people would aim for the head and even with the amount of movement that occurs in PvP, you'd often hit multiple headshots with this rifle because it spits out so many bullets in a short period of time. This is why I recommend the Ostrich pistol for PvP. It has a high base fire rate of 280 as well as a decent accuracy for a pistol of 15. The damage per hit is certainly lower, but you are much more likely to hit your opponent, and because the DPS of the Ostrich is second only to the Peregrine, you can actually dispatch an opponent pretty quickly with the Ostrich.
The winner of the first tournament I was in (Nomadic) used Ostrich while I used a higher damage, but slower fire rate pistol (Last Stand), and I got owned. Granted, he was a much better PvP player than I was, but after using the Ostrich in this latest pistol tournament that I've participated in, I completely see why he used the Ostrich. It behaves so similar to an auto rifle that it's very easy to use in PvP and you just connect so many more shots than other pistols that have higher damage per hit.
Before I move on, I'll just mention that there was that one roll of the Last Stand MK II that came out recently with amazing perks (15% crit, 6% fire rate, 19% damage, 5% iron sight damage) that I always have equipped on my main account because (1) the pistol looks really cool and (2) it does really high backshot and headshot damage, so I can typically finish off an enemy with a headshot and body shot after hitting a sniper shot (no gunslinger build).
Recommended pistols: Ostrich, Last Stand MK II, Spectrum, Lusty Betty (with gunslinger)

Bonus section (how to main a pistol in PvP):

Here I'd like to talk about all that I've learned from designing a play style that has been very specific to the rules of the tournament that I am currently in. Basically, the tournament rules apply no restrictions whatsoever except that you may only use your pistol, but anything else is fair game, including all skills.
Of course, the easiest decision to make with a rule setup like this is that the gunslinger skill is a must have, so from a skill build setup perspective, 6 points in combat is the obvious starting point. Based on my experience in PvP, I've always said that a build specifically tailored for PvP will have 9 points in Agility and 2 points in Survival at a minimum.
If I continued to follow this logic, then I had very few points left (3) to spend with a 9A-6C-2S starting point. From this point, there were a few builds that I targeted: 12A-6C-2S (highest crit), 9A-9C-2S (one of my suggested builds for PvP), 10A-6C-4S (blink + deflector), 9A-6C-5S (maximum HP), and 9A-7C-4S (trading one HP and the wasted melee resistance skill from 9A-6C-5S to pick up stunner). To expand the search for the optimal build further, I looked at building around the other very important skill in PvP, projectile resistance (8 points survival). Because 6 points in combat was the required starting point in my mind, grabbing projectile resistance required me to break the rule of having 9 points in agility, so two builds really came into play here: 5A-7C-8S (to grab stunner) and 6A-6C-8S (to have extra back damage instead of stunner).
Of these seven builds, I narrowed it down to 12A-6C-2S, 9A-7C-4S, and 5A-7C-8S. 9A-9C-2S is fantastic when you can use your primary weapon because of the extra magazine capacity, but this was obviously a waste of two points in combat because neither elite damage nor extra primary magazine capacity would benefit me in a PvP pistol tournament. 9A-6C-5S was also eliminated because trading 1 HP and the irrelevant melee resistance (when it comes to PvP) for a powerful skill like stunner is an easy decision. 6A-6C-8S was eliminated because in duels, my logic was that it was less likely that I would be able to sneak up on my opponent to shoot them in the back.
I did try out 10A-6C-4S for a while, but with Kira's Basilisk boots out there, relying on the Blink skill wasn't the most consistent choice, and I am just not as good as others with knowing the right distance to Blink someone and then kill them from behind. Compound that with how dirty it feels to use Blink, and I got away from that build pretty quickly.
I then of course ran the math on the offensive and defensive capabilities of each of the three remaining builds to determine which was the optimal choice. From a defensive perspective, obviously the 5A-7C-8S build was the clear choice because of the extra resistance, and it was the first build that I practiced with to see how it performed.
Thanks to the many great people that agreed to practice with me (kaibil, SoloKing, Xheki_RF, GOLDEN_THUNDER, -_-12BORE-_-, and -47-), I quickly came to the conclusion that my reasons for always saying that 9A-0C-2S is the starting point for any PvP build were reaffirmed. Speed is freaking important and Fight for your Life is a purely invaluable skill. The extra defense just wasn't cutting it when my character was not as nimble or as dangerous at low health.
So now it was time to decide between 12A-6C-2S and 9A-7C-4S. Of course the 12A-6C-2S was optimal purely from a damage perspective as far as using my pistol was concerned, but from my experience playing PvP with the 9A-9C-2S build, I know that the stunner skill is an extremely powerful and short cooldown skill that can make a huge difference in PvP. Add on top of that the fact that 9A-7C-4S also had deflector as an option to compensate for the choice to move away from the projectile resistance skill, and it already moved ahead of 12A-6C-2S by a considerable margin. By also incorporating the decision to use the critical damage buff instead of the base damage buff, I could compensate for the lower critical damage and have better active skills at my disposal.
As you might expect at this point, I chose 9A-7C-4S. Before I discuss any further, I have to give a shout out to GOLDEN_THUNDER for helping me get to this decision point. We did a lot of duels with a lot of different pistols and he experimented using a lot of different skills against me, and I would not have learned how powerful this 9A-7C-4S build is in PvP when you're maining a pistol without his help.
At this point, I practiced a lot with the folks I previously mentioned as well as going into random Nitro duels to train my skills further against people who were going to use their primary to make it even harder of a challenge. When facing people who I knew were going to use a pistol, using Survival Kit and Stunner as my active skills is the absolute best combination.
Stunner is a great skill to setup an easy kill, get the enemy to burn their deflector, or kill a low health enemy when I happen to be reloading my pistol. The Survival Kit is the preferable defensive skill over Deflector Skin when it comes to a pistol duel because the DPS of the pistol is low enough to where your opponent has to either land their headshots to kill you or run away, which gives you the opportunity to shoot them in the back or just give your stunner more time to recharge.
When I was queuing in random Nitro duels, I would use Deflector Skin instead of Survival Kit because it is easier for someone to kill you when you're standing on the Survival Kit with a Faraday because of the nerf that MFG implemented to the Survival Kit's health regeneration rate some months back. While a good opponent would easily overpower my Ostrich with a Faraday, there were plenty of opponents that couldn't adjust to the extremely evasive tactics I would use of ducking in and out of cover and utilizing stunner to beat them with my pistol, and I could tell that this pissed some people off. That alone made using this build an incredible amount of fun.
Finally, I'll mention the pistols that I tried out or went up against for the purposes of your selecting the right pistol for the job here. Ostrich was just the clear winner time and again because it has great accuracy, a fast fire rate for being able to track enemies on the move, and high DPS, especially when you can land multiple headshots. The runner up for me was the Last Stand MK II because of it's great damage per shot, but the fire rate was just too low to perform as consistently for me. Spectrum can certainly be a scary pistol to go up against when your opponent has a good ability to hit headshots, and -_-12BORE-_- certainly was able to get a few choice kills in our duels with his Kub and Kapralova pistols, though I would still win the duels because these slow pistols require headshots to truly overpower an Ostrich user. The final pistol that I'll mention is the Lusty Betty, which is a burst pistol that fires three shots per burst. GOLDEN_THUNDER gave me a lot of trouble with this pistol, but burst pistols in general suffer when your opponent has good strafing movement.
So in conclusion, if you find yourself looking for a great challenge to shame weak PvP players who still have Faraday by beating them with a pistol, spec yourself to 9A-7C-4S (or go for 9A-9C-2S if you just want to occasionally have this kind of fun with the only difference being that you won't have Deflector Skin), grab yourself an Ostrich from Brothers of Fire, get the critical damage buff from the casino and the projectile resistance buff from the Bar of War, equip Stunner and Deflector Skin, and just pester them like crazy by popping in and out of cover and relish the ensuing carnage! Cheers, folks!
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He is immortal
posted by BigAmerica on /memes
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Second Place
Trump Nopes out of press conference when Dr. Deborah Birx mentions she had a fever over the weekend
posted by FTThrowAway123 on /PublicFreakout
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My dad is a pilot and during the pandemic decided to make a work simulator at home
posted by thanos764 on /funny
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Jeff Bezos, world’s richest man, asks public to donate to Amazon relief fund
posted by -kizza- on /worldnews
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Chuck Schumer made sure businesses controlled by Trump, his family, and top US officials couldn't get money from the government's $2 trillion coronavirus bailout fund
posted by DaFunkJunkie on /politics
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No, I don't think I will.
posted by RickC410 on /worldnews
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No political shit but him as a charcater is just funny as hell
posted by Fstompy1 on /PublicFreakout
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Third Place
I already did, you closed my store by mistake your csr refused to confirm in writing and promised to reimburse me in 90 days. Ninety days went by you still have 2k of money. `3 years ago now.` Amazon go fuck yourself. `Edit: this blew up more than it should. Thank you for the upboats and silver. I hope you all stay safe and healthy.` To answer some brief questions: `Why I didn't go small claims You can see some people have tried and failed in various sellercentral forum posts. Because the seller agreement makes you go through arbitration first. I've spoken with a lawyer and they said I'd save more money walking away from it. I do from time to time email them to remind them about me getting my pay out every year, It an anniversary event on my calendar. [](` **Why did they suspend you?** I was technically not suspended, my account skipped that step. They CLOSED it. There's a big difference between suspension and closure. If you have a suspension you get to write seller performance and they'll tell you why you were suspended. My account was without warning CLOSED. When you get closed you don't get informed WHY you were closed. You are just told you're done we don't want you back. `It boggles my mind, I had 98% Lifetime feedback, my metrics were perfect the night before. I was doing enough volume to take random hits of feedback / AZ claims. I was one of those sellers called \"refund monkey\" I rather piss away money than to nickel and dime people out of moral high ground.` I asked them for evidence of wrong doing on my part by email they refused. I had to find a way to call them and the only way was to call the customer service line and get transferred to a department that handles seller support (they were doing away with telephone seller support at the time, I imagine its worse now). Guy on phone was telling me that I'd get my money in 90 days, don't make new account write seller performance and advise them that my account was closed in error, as he can see my metrics were good. I asked him to send me all that we spoke about he said he could not. `When your account is closed, you aren't given the opportunity to login to see any of your metrics anymore. You can't go in to remove your billing details. Its not the same as a suspension where you can still login and manage cases through their case log system.` **What the hell were you selling?** All private label goods, nothing that required FDA or certification, and not restricted categories, all the stuff was my own brand. I am still operating the company as a small hobby business on other sales channels (albeit I closed for lock down). `**Why don't you just buy 2K worth of stuff and claim its lost?** ` `There's no victim less crime. You could be ruining it for the person that's picking and packing your order trying to put food on the table. AZ may never check the footage and just blame that person for messing up and sending you an empty box. That person will be kicked to the curb, and because AZ was the only game in town this person is now unemployed.` I can't have that on myself even if I dislike Amazon. **People like a happy ending give us some closure** I'm fine, 2K lost would be like having one of my good on account clients close down during a bad time and having unpaid bills. The only difference in this was that that Amazon accused me of wrong doing and then did not back it up with any evidence. I was lucky as I never over leveraged myself when I started that AZ account, I never bought stock on credit. Thank you for those who shared positive stories and those who shared negative ones. If you had a positive story look back to see if it was a 3rd party seller. Those are the little guys that were like me trying to pack and ship things on their own.
posted by accidentalchainsaw on /worldnews
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Fourth Place
That look at the camera though
posted by 666penguins on /PublicFreakout
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Fifth Place
I will send my whole next two weeks of thoughts and best wishes STAT. ` He could you know, give like $1 Billion himself. But whatever.`
posted by letsreticulate on /worldnews
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First Place
posted by PaperPlayte on /pan
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It took me several days but finally I managed to make the video tour of my survival world, showing everything of my epic base!
posted by vesko_ on /Minecraft
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Family now annoyed that I consider my cleaner an actual human and paid her today
posted by 9shadowcat9 on /TwoXChromosomes
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Fourth Place
posted by Computergeek12828 on /pan
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When in Rome.
posted by Jason_Boyd on /DunderMifflin
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Republicans: `I’m gonna choose to believe the lying, unqualified, draft dodging, gold star family disrespecting, POW attacking, US General insulting, racist, sexist, vulgar, confirmed sexual assaulting, trillion dollars to the rich tax cutting, own daughter creeping, wife cheating with a pornstar after birth of son and paying her off to influence a presidential election, $413 million dollar inheritance getting, teen pageant dressing room invading, baby and mother separating, breast feeding mother shaming, fat-shaming while being fat, 17 women accusing him of sexual assaulting, accusers are not attractive enough for him to assault implying, university student defrauding, bankrupt casino causing, kids cancer charity stealing, taped detailed accusation of rape of a minor having, wife-beating, popular vote losing, anti-vaxxing, Christianity-faking, publicist impersonating, tax dodging, friends’ wives pursuing, impeached, foreign aid bribing, 1/3 of the presidency golf playing, free press assaulting, Hannity coordinating, Cambridge Analytica using, Ivanka is a “piece of ass” approving, loan application asset inflating, historically low polling, college achievement faking, unqualified judge appointing, unqualified cabinet member appointing, foreign influence on our election welcoming, tax release avoiding, birther conspiracy spreading, Ukraine ambassador targeting, Russian money taking, Kurdish ally abandoning, soldier brain injury downplaying, full morning “executive time” taking, Epstein befriending, Putin bowing, Kim Jong Un praising, North Korean general saluting, US intelligence denying, tallest building in lower Manhattan after 9/11 boasting, congress obstructing, nuclear non-proliferation deal ending, Justice obstructing, unqualified daughter and son-in-law appointing, healthcare cut targeting, pedophile candidate supporting, trump tower Moscow denying, mail-bomber inspiring, 4 out of top 5 largest protests in US history causing, green energy stifling, clean water regulation destroying, healthy school lunch ending, climate change denying, congressional and judicial branch attacking, economy does better under democrats saying, Goldman Sachs appointing, food stamp removing, emissions standards lowering, press conference avoiding, emoluments clause breaking, longest govt shutdown record holding, Saudi Arabia nuclear tech selling, golf cheating, time magazine cover faking, El Paso mass shooter inspiring, paying legal bills for roughing up protestors promising, killed soldier “knew what he signed up for” saying, pardon abusing, scumbag.` Why wouldn’t I? `Sources:` * lying, `* unqualified,` * draft dodging, `* gold star family disrespecting,` * POW attacking, `* US General insulting,` * racist, `* sexist,` * vulgar, `* confirmed sexual assaulting,` * trillion dollars to the rich tax cutting, `* own daughter creeping,` * wife cheating with a pornstar after birth of son and paying her off to influence a presidential election, `* $413 million dollar inheritance getting,` * teen pageant dressing room invading, `* baby and mother separating,` * breast feeding mother shaming, `* fat-shaming while being fat,` * 17 women accusing him of sexual assaulting, `* accusers are not attractive enough for him to assault implying,` * university student defrauding, `* bankrupt casino causing,` * kids cancer charity stealing, `* taped detailed accusation of rape of a minor having,` * wife-beating, `* popular vote losing,` * anti-vaxxing, `* Christianity-faking,` * publicist impersonating, `* tax dodging,` * friends’ wives pursuing, `* impeached,` * foreign aid bribing, `* 1/3 of the presidency golf playing,` * free press assaulting, `* Hannity coordinating,` * Cambridge Analytica using, `* Ivanka is a “piece of ass” approving,` * loan application asset inflating, `* historically low polling,` * college achievement faking, `* unqualified judge appointing,` * unqualified cabinet member appointing, ` continued here`
posted by hereforthefeast on /politics
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Second Place
Let there be no confusion about who's responsible here. `Trump's direct quotes about coronavirus:` `>` `January 22: “We have it totally under control. It's one person coming in from China. It's going to be just fine.”` `>` `February 2: “We pretty much shut it down coming in from China.”` `>` `February 24: “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA… Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”` `>` `February 25: “CDC and my Administration are doing a GREAT job of handling Coronavirus.”` `>` `February 25: “I think that's a problem that's going to go away… They have studied it. They know very much. In fact, we're very close to a vaccine.”` `>` `February 26: “The 15 (cases in the US) within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.”` `>` `February 26: “We're going very substantially down, not up.”` `>` `February 27: “One day it's like a miracle, it will disappear.”` `>` `February 28: \"Now the democrats are politicizing the coronavirus, you know that right? They're politicizing it…they have no clue…they dont have any clue…this is their new hoax.\"` `>` `February 28: “We're ordering a lot of supplies. We're ordering a lot of, uh, elements that frankly we wouldn't be ordering unless it was something like this. But we're ordering a lot of different elements of medical.”` `>` `March 2: “You take a solid flu vaccine, you don't think that could have an impact, or much of an impact, on corona?”` `>` `March 2: “A lot of things are happening, a lot of very exciting things are happening and they're happening very rapidly.”` `>` `March 4: “If we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work — some of them go to work, but they get better.”` `>` `March 5: “I NEVER said people that are feeling sick should go to work.”` `>` `March 5: “The United States… has, as of now, only 129 cases… and 11 deaths. We are working very hard to keep these numbers as low as possible!”` `>` `March 6: “I think we're doing a really good job in this country at keeping it down… a tremendous job at keeping it down.”` `>` `March 6: “Anybody right now, and yesterday, anybody that needs a test gets a test. They're there. And the tests are beautiful…. the tests are all perfect like the letter was perfect. The transcription was perfect. Right? This was not as perfect as that but pretty good.”` `>` `March 6: “I like this stuff. I really get it. People are surprised that I understand it… Every one of these doctors said, ‘How do you know so much about this?' Maybe I have a natural ability. Maybe I should have done that instead of running for president.”` `>` `March 6: “I don't need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn't our fault.”` `>` `March 8: “We have a perfectly coordinated and fine tuned plan at the White House for our attack on CoronaVirus.”` `>` `March 9: ““The Fake News Media and their partner, the Democrat Party, is doing everything within its semi-considerable power (it used to be greater!) to inflame the CoronaVirus situation, far beyond what the facts would warrant,”` `>` `March 13: \"I take no responsibility.\"` `>` Donald Trump is 100% responsible for this failure. `PERIOD.` Edit: welp RIP inbox and thanks for the awards. Also, if anyone has sources for anything not being accurate, prove it and I will gladly change it or delete it.
posted by cos_tan_za on /politics
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Third Place
Still working cause you guys need electricity
posted by CWhiz45 on /AskReddit
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Fourth Place
You know it's the lack of initial capital. You mention it right there but allude to hey maybe it's these other things. Do you really believe that? Do you really believe if your tenants had the capital they would choose to rent from you because you and them are somehow fundamentally different? Because they lack some sort of internal \"motivation\" or \"courage\" or unnamed quality that you have? Do your renters regularly tell you \"I would love to buy my own place but I just don't have... courage?\" `I think you're giving yourself far too much credit. What separates us from renters is capital. It always has been. Nothing else. What makes it shitty is that most of the time it's not our capital.` We use our leverage to take out a mortgage, find a tenant who has just enough capital or income to pay us, but not enough capital to buy their own place, and this makes us smarter than them? Or more courageous? Come on...
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Fifth Place
This just makes common sense. Trans and gender identification issues completely aside, if you were born with a male body chances are good that you'll be inherently stronger and faster than most women. Allowing trans athletes to compete against biological girls/women creates a very uneven playing field. It's just basically unfair.
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Conjecture Lecture: Or I suck at future predictions of the show

tldr: If participating in this subreddit has taught me anything is that I royally suck at predicting what will happen in Mr. Robot. What I do moderately well is look for patterns and recall history. I also have an insatiable need to understand another person’s creative process, since I am not one of those creative genius types. This is my attempt to highlight some of the RL historical events and people to the Mr. Robot universe and what I perceive where u/SamEsmail received his inspiration for Mr. Robot. It has also taught me that I like bullet points.
First a mini-timeline. While I am sure there are a ton more dates and events, these are the ones that have come up pretty frequently in the show.
1991 – The World Wide Web was launched at CERN; Linux was also introduced
1995 – Various browsers introduced, Windows 95 released, personal computer sales explode
2003 – 4chan launched
2004 – Thefacebook (later Facebook) was launched, Anonymous was established on 4chan
2006 - Wikileaks launched from servers in Iceland by Australian hacker, Julian Assange
2007 - Collateral Murder video and associated documents were published on Wikileaks; ChanOps started (?)
2008 – Tom Cruise’s weird propaganda video for Scientology is leaked, Anonymous launches Project Chanology against Scientology
2009 - Manning states that she started working with Wikileaks on Thanksgiving 2009 in a chat with Adrian Lamo
2010 – Anonymous launches Operation Payback in retaliation against industry attempts to stop Piratebay and WikiLeaks; Chelsea (then Bradley) Manning leaked information to Wikileaks (crucially the Collateral Murder footage and documents); Manning confides in informant, Adrian Lamo; Manning is arrested and imprisoned much of it under the Prevention of Injury status.
2011 – Arab Spring, Occupy Wallstreet, Gawker hack, emergence of LulzSec from the anon group Internet Feds, BART hack, Sony hack, Fox Network hack, UK banks hack, PBS hack, Operation AntiSec, way too many others to list; several LulzSec members arrested
2012 – This is the year that Esmail said his idea for Mr. Robot was ‘born’. More members of LulzSec arrested, NSA statement on Anonymous and power grid threats
2013 – Criminal cases finalized against several LulzSec members
2014 - Manning is provided with hormones to facilitate her gender reassignment
2015 – Mr. Robot universe; Manning is provided all necessary items to address her gender dysphoria
I speculate that Esmail was intrigued by world events that led up the arrest and conviction of LulzSec members. Perhaps he read Olson’s 2012 book, “We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency” (Olson, Parmy). Perhaps he just kept abreast of the news. It certainly was all over the web in articles and blog posts such as:
Not to mention Twitter with the associated hashtags. Even a ‘diary’ posted on (there are a number of documents cited in this link that are fascinating reading, although you may have to hunt down cached versions since the links are dead).
Okay, so where was I going with this? Oh yes, there are so many similarities to the entire history of LulzSec and the Mr. Robot Universe. For example:
Some of the people involved in LulzSec and/or satellite players seem to be inspirations for Elliot, Darlene, Angela, Kayla, Romero, Gideon, and Trenton.
Some of the iconography with LulzSec and (some) seen prominently in Mr. Robot
Early Hacker Groups and Events
Hackers on Planet Earth Convention

The Next HOPE Convention of 2010 (Well worth a look at the documentation and lineup all of the HOPE conventions.)

Hotel Pennsylvania, Manhattan, NY
I think one of the most important inspirational pieces for Esmail may have been the following essay written by Jake Davis in February 2012:
Hello, friend, and welcome to the Internet, the guiding light and deadly laser in our hectic, modern world. The internet horde has been watching you closely for some time now. It has seen you flock to your Facebook and your Twitter of the years, and it has seen you enter its home turf and attempt to overrun it with your scandals and “real world” gossip. You need to know that the ownership of cyberspace will always remain with the hivemind. The Internet does not belong to your beloved authorities, militaries, or multi-millionaire company owners. The Internet belongs to the trolls and the hackers, the enthusiasts and the extremists; it will never cease to be this way.
You see, the Internet has long since lost its place in time and its shady collective continues to shunt he fact that it lives in a specific year like 2012, where it has to abide by 2012’s morals and 2012’s society, with its rules and it punishments. The Internet smirks at scenes of mass rape and horrific slaughtering followed by a touch of cannibalism, all to the sound of catchy Japanese music. It simply doesn’t give a tuppence about getting a “job”, getting a car, getting a house, raising a family, and teaching them to continue the loop while the human race organizes its own death. Custom-plated coffins and retirement plans made of paperwork…the Internet asks why?
You cannot make the Internet feel bad, you cannot make the Internet feel regret or guilt or sympathy, you can only make the Internet feel the need to have more lulz at your expense. The lulz flow through all in the faceless army as they see the twin towers falling with a dancing Hitler on loop in the bottom-left corner of their screens. The lulz strike when they open a newspaper and care nothing for any of the world’s alleged problems. They laugh at downward red arrows as banks and businesses tumble, and they laugh at our glorious government overlords trying to fix a situation by throwing more currency at it. They laugh when you try to make them feel the need to “make something of life,” and they laugh harder when you call them vile trolls and heartless web terrorists. They laugh at you because you’re not capable of laughing at yourselves and all of the pointless fodder they believe you surround yourselves in. But most of all they laugh because they can.
This is not to say that the Internet is your enemy. It is your greatest ally and closest friend; its shops mean you don’t have to set foot outside your home, and its casinos allow you to lose your money at any hour of the day. Its many chat rooms ensure you no longer need to interact with any other members of your species directly, and detailed social networking conveniently maps your every move and thought. Your intimate relationships and darkest secrets belong to the horde, and they will never be forgotten. Your existence will forever be encoded into the infinite repertoire of beautiful, byte-sized sequences, safely housed in the cyber cloud for all to observe.
And how has the Internet changed the lives of its most hardened addicts? They simply don’t care enough to tell you. So welcome to the underbelly of society, the anarchistic stream-of-thought nebular that seeps it way into the mainstream word – your world – more and more every day. You cannot escape it and you cannot anticipate it. It is the nightmare on the edge of your dreams and the ominous thought that it claws its way through your online life like a blinding virtual force, disregarding your philosophies and feasting on your emotions.
Prepare to end to the hivemind, motherfuck.
Gosh, I can just hear Elliot saying something like this, can’t you?
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